Extérieur Pièces carrosserie Tôlerie Bus, -67 Part 2 (XView 1-06)

Demi châssis gauche, porte latérale (SWT)

Combi -07/67

Silver Weld Through (SWT)

update sync 27/06/2022

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BBT Silver Weld through  finished left hand cargo door and right hand non cargo door floorplates for Splitwindow bus.Because so many RHD/double door buses with rotten out or wrongly pressed and adapted floorplates we simply had to make them.Immediate available from our stocks, no need to adapt anymore.With this correct left side cargo door floor configuration we offer also the possibility for a double door conversion together with the specific B & C posts (BBT ref 0890-901 & 0890-920).

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