October 2013



What an incredible summer! It started with our Open House and more than 2500 visitors, followed by the beautiful convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf and a magnificent weekend. And the week after a lot of international guests, customers, fans and Volkswagen lovers who paid us a visit.  Then the European Bug In, the weather could have been better, although it was a big Volkswagen party...  It didn’t stop, every week there was one or another Volkswagen happening, the rhythm of our life never went that fast… And then there was Le Bug Show at Spa Francorchamps, a smaller edition than previous year, although very pleasant as always.  Here and there a couple of international happenings and the summer was a complete success.

Customers, friends, suppliers and fans whom we’ve met throughout the season 2013, thank you so much. It becomes each year better, where will it end?

Or should I talk about the weather ? Western Europe can definitely say that we had a long hot summer since more 3 years. The weather was splendid, all convertibles were riding with open roof, ragtops open! Marvelous!

With this nice weather we were busy as never before, 2013 will be a record-breaker year! The best summer ever! A dream for each oldtimer fan.

As a matter of fact even the press is writing in a positive way about economy, forecasts are being updated upwards, stock-indexes are increasing. However one should remain cautious, even though a lot of work has been done.  The real reasons of the crisis haven’t been conquered. There are still quite some European countries that cannot control their budget. One pin is enough to knock over the whole game.  We have to stay alert.

After all we mustn’t complain in “our” Volkswagen world, a niche market isn’t that subject to the economic climate. Marketing books prove it!

Meanwhile some incredible opportunities regarding parts have shown up. More news in next Newsletter.  As a set habit you’ll be the first to know through the BBT blog new products update each Friday, which is crucial to remain informed of our products.

Let’s face autumn together, enjoying the beautiful colors of nature.  A nice autumn drive? That’s not to be sneezed at.

Enjoy life, experience the VW passion!


Sad news

On 17 September 2013  Bob’s mom “Mama Maria” has passed away at the age of 77. A very special women, who definitely may be called ‘mother’ of BBT.  She was our biggest fan from the very beginning and was always a wholehearted support to our company.  In 2010 she still drove in a split bus to a Volkswagen meeting in Italy.

In 2012 she was the moving spirit behind the clearing out of the shop of friend of the house Lyle Cherry in Dallas, Texas.

We believe that the Volkswagen Gods will give Mama Maria a warm welcome.  We’ll remember her smile, she was definitely a person to whom it was difficult not to become friends with… Rest in peace dearest mom….


New description

# 0940 Choke cable, mechanical shoke, Type 1 53-
changed to # 0940 Choke cable, mechanical choke, all 30 hp, Type 1 08/52-

# 6206 Sticker, shift patern
changed to # 6206 Sticker, shift patern, white print

# 0962-250 Front hood outer cable, Type 14 08/67-74
changed to # 0962-250 Front hood and enginelid outer cable KG 67-74

# 7050 Chrome moulding set, 8 pieces
changed to # 7050 Scraper molding set, chrome, Type 1 convertible, 8 pieces, Type 1 -07/64

# 1248-1 Brake caliper, front left, T2 08/72-07/79, T25 05/79-06/86
changed to # 1248-1 Brake caliper, front left, Type 2 08/72-07/79

# 1249-1 Brake caliper, front right, T2 08/72-07/79, T25 05/79-06/86
changed to # 1249-1 Brake caliper, front right, Type 2 08/72-07/79

# 1001-20 Exhaust pipe, assembly kit, T2 08/62-
changed to # 1001-20 Exhaust pipe, assembly kit, Type 2 08/58-07/67

No longer available

  • # 0252 Roller pedal blue
  • # 0347-050 Pop out window set Type 1 08/64 - (new)
  • # 0403-3 Chrome moldingkit (7pcs) 1302 TQ use # 0403-4 Chrome moulding kit, 7 pieces, 1303
  • # 0466 'Baby Bravo' mirror right orange
  • # 0468 California mirror left
  • # 0616-60 Turnsignal lens left Type 2 08/67-07/72 orange use # 0616-62 Turn signal lens, left, Type 2 08/67-07/72
  • # 0616-61 Turnsignal lens right Type 2 08/67-07/72 orange use # 0616-63 Turn signal lens, right, Type 2 08/67-07/72
  • # 0624 Taillight assembly with grey base  Type 1 74- (Euro)
  • # 0625 Taillight assembly 74- Smoke
  • # 0881 Boot floor rear complete
  • # 0925-01 Rear brake cable -4/62 standard
  • # 1107-1 Plug screw thread kit for #1107
  • # 1342 Upper ball joint for lowered front axle use # 1331 Ball joint, upper side, each, Type 1/14 08/65-
  • # 1343 Lower ball joint for lowered front axle use # 1332 Ball joint, lower side, each, Type 1/14 08/65-
  • # 1595-5 Hi-Torque starter 12 Volt
  • # 1595-9 Hi-Torque starter 12 Volt Type 2 76-79
  • # 1614-025-20 Main bearings .25/2.5 case
  • # 1805-08 Oil pump std 61-67 (Alu)
  • # 1919-7 Sandseal crank hub
  • # 2090-045 Ignitioncable set Compu-fire (yellow)
  • # 2135-100 Gasket under carburettor 34 Pict-5
  • # 2502-02 Hubcap -65 Original w/o logo (Chrome) use # 2502 5-lugs hub cap without emblem
  • # 2727-1 Hub sportline 74->
  • # 4510 Billet door handles ->67
  • # 8916 Window set Type 1 58-64 green
  • # 8922 WINDOW SET 65-71 GREY
  • # 8926 WINDOW SET 72-> GREEN
  • # 8927 WINDOW SET 72-> GREY
  • # 8931 WINDOW SET 1303 GREEN
  • # 9801 F4 sticker ''FLAT-FOUR''

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to Special Order Only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0386-950 Samba/Deluxe roof kit Type 2 -67
# 0499-363 Sign F 1963
# 0499-999 Sign '?'
# 0556-11 Sunvisors T1 65-67 pair white/mirror
# 0557-02 Sunvisors T1 65-72
# 0561-50 Sunvisors Type3 61-74 pair white
# 1021 Bobcat exhaust 'Off Road' 1" 5/8
# 1280-2 Brake drum front 1300 Golf
# 1602-22 Cro.Mo.5.600 Chevy Rod
# 1808 Dry-sump oil pump
# 2617-1 Autometer 5' silver 10000rpm + switch lamp
# 2673 Dash cover Type 3
# 2906-104 Headliner Type 1 63 non-perforated/white
# 2908-300 Headliner T3 N.B. 63-67 perforated / white
# 5581-FAT FAT Performance motor 2007cc (complete)
# 7810 Quarter window seal callookT3 FB.65-74
# 9025-073 Boot cover Karmann Ghia 58-69 beige canvas
# 9105-32 hood T1 68-72 blue canvas
# 9496-10 Airmighty 10

Available again

  • # 9017-20 Header bow, convertible
                     141 871 503
                     KG -07/68
  • # 9017-21 Header bow, convertible
                     141 871 503A
                     KG 08/68-

Prices are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Product improvement


Due to changed availability we won't be able anymore to suply separate tire rings. From now on the tire rings will be available as set of 4 pieces.

# 2539-10 White wall rings 10 inch, set 4
# 2539-12 White wall rings 12 inch, set 4
# 2539-13 White wall rings 13 inch, set 4
# 2539-14 White wall rings 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-15 White wall rings 15 inch, set 4
# 2539-16 White wall rings 16 inch, set 4
# 2539-213 White wall rings (small) 13 inch, set 4
# 2539-214 White wall rings (small) 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-215 White wall rings (small) 15 inch, set 4
# 2539-216 White wall rings (small) 16 inch, set 4
# 2539-914 White wall rngs (wide) 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-915 White wall rings (wide) 15 inch, set 4
# 2539-313 Red wall rings (small) 13 inch, set 4
# 2539-314 Red wall rings (small) 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-315 Red wall rings (small) 15 inch, set 4
# 2539-316 Red wall rings (small) 16 inch, set 4
# 2539-413 Blue wall rings (small) 13 inch, set 4
# 2539-414 Blue wall rings (small) 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-415 Blue wall rings (small) 15 inch, set 4
# 2539-513 Green wall rings (small) 13 inch, set 4
# 2539-514 Green wall rings (small) 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-515 Green wall rings (small) 15 inch, set 4
# 2539-613 Yellow wall rings (small) 13 inch, set 4
# 2539-614 Yellow wall rings (small) 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-615 Yellow wall rings (small) 15 inch, set 4
# 2539-713 Orange wall rings (small) 13 inch, set 4
# 2539-714 Orange wall rings (small) 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-715 Orange wall rings (small) 15 inch, set 4
# 2539-813 White/red wall rings (small) 13 inch, set 4
# 2539-814 White/red wall rings (small) 14 inch, set 4
# 2539-815 White/red wall rings (small) 15 inch, set 4

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

New products

Popout window latch gasketkit, as pair

0347-112   Beetle 08/64-
113 847 205 (x2) + 113 847 207 (x2)

Pop-out windows are a very nice accessory which you can find on Type 1 Beetle and they are fixed on the B-pillar by means of a metallic hinge clip. The rear part stays on its place through a hinge lock that is secured by means of a pen through the window. To protect this window against damages there is a gasket placed between this pen and the window. This gasket hasn’t the eternal life nor do the other seals of the pop-pout window and from now on we can present you this gasket as well as the other gummi seals from stock. Gaskets are delivered a pair.

Samba/Deluxe roof kit

0386-950   Bus -07/67

Type 2 deluxe buses with sunroof and Samba buses are one of the most popular classical VW buses and many wish to possess such a Type 2 with sunroof. A classical intervention is to rebuild a combi to a Samba bus model and one went looking for a donor Samba bus to recover the roof. The demand after original authentic Samba buses is still increasing and the huge offer of better and suitable reparation plate work and better restoration techniques result that it’s hard to find a donor bus at an affordable price. BBT is since quite some time exclusive distributor for Europe of VW Sunroofs parts and this company had the great idea to develop a rebuild kit to Samba. This roof kit is delivered with the metallic parts, all sunroof parts, seals, assembly parts and windows. This kit doesn’t contain the headliner nor the covers.

Plates for fuel tank fixation, Inox, set of 4, Vintage speed

0492-195   Beetle 49-, Karmann Ghia, Type 3

The plates for fuel tank fixation of our aircooled Volkswagens have the nasty habit to corrode quickly. Vintage Speed has a good alternative available made in 5mm thick stainless steel, polished for a nice finish.

Dehne digital fuel gauge, Vintage Speed

0525-660   Beetle 08/57-07/67, Bus -07/67

The Dehne fuel gauge is already available since the fifties as an accessory for Type 1. Due to the fact that most of the VW Beetles aren’t originally equipped with a clear fuel indicator, this fuel gauge is quite popular. Nowadays it’s better not to be confronted with an empty fuel tank and that’s why many people are looking for a suitable solution to install a fuel gauge in our classical cars. Vintage Speed has now an adequate solution with retro look and reliable functionality. 1. Beetle from 1950~1960 use an 11" long Electric VDO sending unit BBT # 0493-500
2. Standard Beetle from 1961~1977 and all split window bus Use Tube Style Electric Fuel Sending Unit  BBT # 0493-7 or BBT # 0493-705
3. 1968~1973 Type 2 BUS Tube style Electric Fuel Sending Unit. BBT # 0493-910 or BBT # 0493-915

Related products
#0525-510 Moulding for dashgrill Dehne fuel gauge holder, Vintage Speed
#0525-650 Dashgrill Dehne fuel gauge holder, LHD, Vintage Speed
#0525-651 Dashgrill Dehne fuel gauge holder, RHD, Vintage Speed
#0525-655 Ashtray panel for Dehne digital fuel gauge, LHD, Vintage Speed
#0525-656 Ashtray panel for Dehne digital fuel gauge, RHD, Vintage Speed
#2674-450 Bracket for Dehne digital fuel gauge on dashboard, Vintage Speed

Tire pressure gauge, Vintage Speed


This tire pressure gauge is an essential part of the car equipment. One should always be on the road with the correct tire pressure. It doesn’t only save the environment but it’s also better for your tires. BBT has now enlisted the tire pressure gauge of Vintage Speed in their program. This gauge has a nice retro finish and is easy to use with a very efficient functioning. Scale marks indicate in bar and pound/square inch. The Vintage Speed tire pressure gauge is sold each and has a nice fitting case.

Fuel pump block off 'Vintage Speed' Type1 - stainless steel

1691-150  12/13/15-1600cc

When you replace the mechanical fuel pump with Type 1 engines by an electrical fuel pump, you should block off the opening of the engine case, where the mechanical fuel pump has been mounted before. For this purpose Vintage Speed has made a stylish block off plate made from polished stainless steel, that BBT can deliver from stock. This block off plate is delivered with the 2 hex bolts inclusive. The seals are available separately under item number # 1690-90.

Oil sump plate Stainless Steel, STD, Vintage Speed

1850-550  12/13/15-1600cc

With this oil sump plate in stainless steel for Type 1 based engines you can replace the corroded or deformed original items. The original oil sump plate can get deformed when driving over traffic islands, touching curbs and ramps, tightening nuts too hard. All these problems are in the past with the Vintage Speeds RVS oil sump plates and you can avoid big costs as a result from oil leakage. Available each from stock including 2 seals and assembly nuts. The oil sump plug is available separately under ref. # 1850.

Rebuild kit 34 ICT carburettor


You won’t get far with your classic car without proper fuel transmission. So this unit should always work perfectly. A very important item for correct functioning is the carburation. Gas consumption will increase due to heavy use and leakage and what it even worse, a fire can arise in the engine compartment. We can deliver a suitable rebuild kit under # 2181-0 for revision of the 34 ICT Weber carburetors. This rebuild kit is delivered as a set for 1 carburetor.

Engine lid hinge mounting plates, Vintage Speed

2302-500   Beetle

The holes for the engine lid hinge mounting plates on Type 1 can get damaged by corrosion and/or manipulation. Resulting that the bolts can’t be fixed properly and the engine lid can’t be aligned correctly. We can present you now this set of 2 stainless steel centering plates and bolts so it will resolve this problem in a quick and efficient way. Available per set for 1 engine lid from stock.

Roof luggage rack, S/S, Vintage Speed

4870-105   Karmann Ghia

We have this nice Vintage Speed stainless steel roof rack of good quality already in our assortment since 2007, but only for Type 1 beetle. The success of this roof rack in combination with the limited offer of roof racks for Type 14 Karmann Ghia has incited us to take also the model for Karmann Ghia in stock. From now on we’ve got them available from stock in a transport safe packing, accompanied with clear mounting instructions and all the necessary parts for an easy assembly.

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