April 2013


Spring is here! Flowers, bees and on 1 May each bird has its nest and eggs…. Volkswagen buses and beetles are going on picnic, old timers and convertibles are ‘everywhere’.  Spring is such a lovely season!

BBT Newsletter 04-2013

And right away in this season we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary! Everything started 25 years ago in a small garden house built for my motorbike hobby… and yet 25 years later we’re in the spring of our life! Flowers, bees, BBT is feeling young… and is ready to go hard at it! Better stocks, more product lines, just name it, inside BBT we’re working hard, spring makes that the BBT foal is frolicking in the field.  A foal on its way to maturity, each year a bit more…
Will it become soon spring for our economy too ?

“Rolling Thunder” that’s how you can call it, the recession, almost completely provoked by reckless bankers, who saw their useless efforts, remunerated with extremely high and exorbitant bonuses (after their frequent and abundant ‘downloads’) melting away into a system such as an economic air bubble.  It is called now the greatest economic depression since World War 2… Strange, that just these bankers, which are people we SHOULD trust, have done such a thing.
After all and that’s even worse, those who are guilty, have not been prosecuted, neither punished, and must still be respected… White-collar crime…. “the big wheels keep on running” sang Ike and Tina Turner. In fact it’s not different, the callous recession keeps on running, leaving everything flattened behind… Just when I’m writing this preface we’ve got another hot problem with Cyprus…

Chin up! Our hobby remains pleasant. There have never been more lovers of beetles and with the buses and Karmann Ghia’s we’re growing a lot…and that’s a good thing!
The meeting season is coming along. The Winterfestijn, Ninove and Volksworld Show are already done and we’re counting down to Hessisch Oldendorf with the BBT Open House and the week after there will be  the next edition of European Bug In.

Come and celebrate with us 25 years BBT! You should come, because it will be a fantastic event with special attractions and animation..  a hearty welcome to you all…Take a look at our program on

See you then


BBT Convoy event

BBT Convoy2013, A blessed year by the VW Gods as this year we can just sample another of VW’s finest, the Hessisch Oldendorf vintage VW meet in the picturesque vintage town center of Hessisch Oldendorf situated Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the river Weser, approximately 10 km northwest of Hamelin. Strictly Vintage Volkswagens, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity occurring only once every 4 years… so better don’t miss out!

As every 4 years, also this year BBT continues the  tradition and organize a huge convoy on Friday morning June 21st from BBT HQ to Hessisch Oldendorf. To start everything out  and to present  our international guests a warm welcoming,  we begin our activities at Thursday afternoon June 20th with a huge open house party. This year will be even  bigger than previous edition because  at the same time we celebrate… 25 Years BBT

That’s right, on February 6th 1987 Arlette and Bob opened their first little shop in the garden house (call it a shed) of Bob’s parents, a lot has changed ever since…

So EVERYBODY is highly invited to celebrate with us!

Come on Thursday afternoon, June 20th to BBT HQ Open House with live music and several acts. Show up in your Volkswagen with rear mounted engine (beetle, bus , whatever) and receive free food and drink coupons.  Enjoy and share with us… festivities start at 4.00 pm and we plan to end (as we have to drive the next day) at 9.30 pm.

Do you have a VW with rear mounted engine? Join us on the most massive Vintage VW cruise of the world! We expect more than 250 vintage VW jewels to participate this year. Register HERE and pick up your Drivers Badge at the information desk for free recovery (BBT assistance is halfway and in the rear end of the Convoy)…  we provide a roadbook for registered participants which will be handed over together with the badge at the registration stand. Enjoy world’s best vintage VW event at Hessisch Oldendorf from Friday afternoon June 21 till Sunday June 23.

For the people interested to return with us in a much smaller convoy (of course also with assistance), we’ll leave together on Sunday at about 2.30pm from the first gas station on the Autobahn A2 in direction of Dortmund. The exact name of the gas station will figure in the roadbook.

So come in great force and celebrate with us these massive festivities!

Click HERE to visit the BBT Convoy website and find out what cars will be present.

Inside BBT

BBT Robert

Inside BBT… Is there another Bob with BBT? Yes it looks like my name is no longer unique here.. for the sake of convenience and to prevent mistakes we shall call our second Bob: Robert.

Robert will assist Pascal in our sales team.  Polyglot, car minded with roots in the more serious competition sport, it will be quite a challenge for Robert to work for BBT. Working with car parts throughout the  world seems his thing to do… He’s there to help you, don’t hesitate to ask him your next question, he’s ready to find  a solution for many of your problems…

BBT FrankAfter 4 years of leading our dispatch dept.  Frank has decided that it is about time to mount back behind a steering wheel of a BBT delivery van… the job will be passed on to nobody less than Kukie, moving up to ”upper deck offices” from the BBT warehouse floors…

We really want to thank Frank for his outstanding apply, enthusiasm, loyalty, willingness, motivation and responsibility to do his very best to manage “his” dispatch dept. in the best way. We will surely miss him in the office. On the other hand he looks forward meeting  our customers again and making deliveries as smooth as possible with his best knowledge and experience. For sure Frank will face his new challenge with his best motivation for what we know him so well for.

BBT KukieKukie works more than 5 years in the BBT warehouse and was called senior warehouse manager with a lot of pride…. He managed once during  electrical breakdown to pick still certain parts without computers or PDA device, just out of his head and in the dark! Not an easy task in a 6500+ references parts warehouse! So Kukie will take over dispatch in the coming weeks. He will have to learn a lot, what we will try to do with  as less as possible inconvenience for our customers. Dispatch is a very important dept. regarding our service and handles all picking, packing and transport at BBT’s sales side. We wish Kukie a good take off and lots of joy in his new challenge what will for sure change his way of life….

Feedback and reactions are always more than welcome on the well-known BBT e-mail addresses.

No longer available

  • # 0208 Running board stainless steel, smooth (pair)
  • # 0236 Empi bus steps T2 -67 / EMPI
  • # 0491-3 Gas cap 62-67 outside
  • # 1609-050-18 Main bearing 0.50/0.50 case (release bearing -4mm)
  • # 1614-050-21 Main bearings .50/2.5 case
  • # 1715-075 Piston and cylinderkit 1200 CC - 83 mm / 90mm case (4pcs) - AA performance
  • # 1715-110 Piston and cylinderkit 88,00 mm - (4pcs) - AA performance
  • # 2518 Centercap '+ wheel' black
  • # 2752 Steering wheel 12' 3spoke polished, black leather
  • # 2755 Steering wheel 15' 3spoke polished, black leather
  • # 2770 Steering wheel 13' 3spoke polished, wood
  • # 4620 Dipstick BILLET
  • # 7437-100 Side window fastener left T2 55-67 (Brazil) use # 7437
  • # 7438-100 Side window fastener right T2 55-67 (Brazil) use # 7438
  • # 9431 Book: VW Transporter

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to Special Order Only (SOO)

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0499-361 Sign F 1961

# 0499-370 Sign F 1970

# 0499-371 Sign F 1971

# 0499-374 Sign F 1974

# 1022 Bobcat exhaust 'Off Road' 1" 1/2 chrome

# 1602-18 Cro.Mo.5.600 Type 1 Rod

# 1629-77 Camshaft T4 507 lift/310°

# 2101-050 Balance tube between intake manifolds Okrasa (set)

# 2618-01 Autometer sport 3-3/8' 190kph

# 2649-01 Autometer shift lite lenskit blue

# 8931 Window set 1303 green

# 9105-10  Hood T1 58-62 black canvas

# 9105-83 Hood KG 69-74 beige canvas

# 9200-10 Headlining Type1 59-63 cloth

# 9200-83 Headlining Karmann Ghia 69-74 white plain vinyl

New products

Rebuild kit for sunroof

Beetle -55

Since the beginning of 2012 BBT collaborates with VW Sunroof to represent them as their distributor in Europe. In this way it is possible to help lovers of the classic VW with sunroof efficiently with their search for parts for maintenance, restoration or repair of the sunroof mechanism. The range has meanwhile been expanded to more than 62 different items and with this rebuild kit and rails we can help owners of sunroofs even better. The VW Sunroof parts are available from stock.

Gascap seal

Bus 08/67-07/71
Type 181
211 201 557C

You can replace the gas cap seals, hardened or damaged by fuel vapors, so that no fuel and/or fuel vapors can escape from the fuel tank anymore. Available each from BBT production.

Storage Basket with cupholders, white

Bus 03/55-07/67

BBT's products line is working from the beginning with the slogan "Commitment to quality" and with this vision in mind we have improved the existing cup holders for Type 2 03/55-07/67 with BBT code 0548-200, 0548-210 & 0548-220. With that result that the assembly has been improved and the height of the baskets has been changed, so that it is now more practical to take f.i. a can. The cup holders are apart from black and white, now also available in chrome.

Taillight housing, each

Bus 08/61-07/71
Type 181
211 945 237J

The original taillight housing is often severely damaged by corrosion on many buses from type 2 08/61-07/71. Furthermore for many imported US models the American version of taillights consisting of 1 lamp holder must be adapted to fulfill to European regulations. The lamp holder has 2 bulb holders, that have 2 connections for the lamp, whereas the blinker has 1 connection.  The mirror is duly chromed for an optimal reflection and the coupled gain of light. From now on we can deliver a good reproduction according to the European model with 2 lamp holders, each from stock.

Taillight, each

Bus 08/71-07/79
211 945 231 + 211 945 241N

We already had the complete taillight units for Type 2 08/71-07/79 in our program though in an alternative quality. The original quality was just for now a quite expensive. Meanwhile BBT has been looking for a better quality that we present now and also with E-mark. Available each for each side from stock.

Seal lock cylinder in sliding door

Bus 08/73-07/79
281 843 718A

Originally there is a rubber seal around the lock cylinder of the sliding door on Type 2 buses 08/73-07/79. This seal takes care of a nice finish between the outside of the lock cylinder and the outer panel of the sliding door. It prevents moisture, dirt and dust to enter through a small crack into the inner part of the sliding door and that it can effectuate its destructing work. From now on each Type 2b owner can obtain this seal each from stock.

Rubber stop in heater channel, each

Beetle 08/67-
111 801 177

On Type 1 Beetle from 08/67 you can find at the underside of the lateral heater channels inspection holes at the front as well as at the rear, that allow to inspect the inside of the channels. These holes were sealed in the factory by means of rubber valves. After many years these valves can get hardened and/or lost. From now on BBT presents you these valves in an original quality from stock. For 1 vehicle you need 4 of them.

Inner front panel

Bus -07/67
211 805 333

This metallic inner panel is assembled in the front of the cabin to reinforce the front cabin floor. The panel can get damaged after a frontal accident or by corrosion between the floor and the inner panel  caused by moisture seeping on the floor plate. The inner panel can be replaced now in a good reproduction with a nice fit. Available each from stock.

Single exhaust tip

Bus 07/59-07/67
211 251 237A

We've been looking for more than 2 years after an efficient way for the exact reproduction of the tail pipe used at the end of the exhaust on Type 2 07/59-07/67. Finally we've achieved to fabricate  the correct model, with the exact  bend and fit. From now on you can replace your damaged item by a model with the correct bend. On this way only exhaust gas can be expelled in a correct way and the rear bumper won?t be spoiled by exhaust gas. The exhaust tip is coated with a grey heat resistant paint that guarantees a long lasting and nice finish of the end tip. From now on available each from stock. The mounting kit tail pipe is available under ref. BBT # 1001-20.

Dust cover behind brake disc, left

Bus 08/70-08/79
211 405 593A

Since 08/71 an important adaptation has been effectuated to raise the capacity of reducing speed on Type 2 buses considerably. Since 08/71 front brake disks have been installed resulting in a considerable improve and less maintenance. An indispensable part in this construction is the dust cover that partially protects the inside of the brake disk, the front wheel bearings and the brake caliper. Stone-dust can deform the dust cover, whereas sand and humidity cause corrosion. From now on BBT presents new dust covers from VW Brazil for each side from stock.

Backing plate, front, left

Bus 08/63-07/67
211 609 139B

BBT already has a large range of backing plates from own production available and with these front backing plates for Type 2 08/63-07/67 our assortment is again a bit bigger. From now on these backing plates are available in a good quality a piece for each side from stock.

Shift rod front

Bus 08/75-07/79
211 711 155H

The connection between shifter and gear box contains of a couple of guides and seals, which should always be in impeccable condition. If these guides are not replaced in time when old or ripped, the shift rod can get damaged. The shift rod that we have now in stock for Type 2 08/75-07/79 can replace items, damaged by play or corrosion. Available each from stock.

Clip for bearing in reduction gear / Wheelbearing

Bus 08/63-07/92
N 12 2951

These circlips secure the lower bearing in the reduction gearboxes on Type2 08/63-07/67 and the inner wheel bearing in the trailing arm on Type2 08/67-07/92.

These clips can get damaged when jamming and/or replacing the bearing, so using new clips is the only solution for a correct locking. From now on BBT can deliver these clips each from stock.

Transmission mount rear

Bus 08/71-07/79
211 599 431

We made a brand new tooling for this late rear Bay window bus transmission mount. Tired of poor quality and loose promises of existing suppliers we simply tooled up for our own. 

Ours has thread you can really use, the bolt can be easily turned by hand. Check with what you have currently it’s way different for sure. The thread for the mounting bolts inside seems to be a huge problem as our manufacturer had even to make a special new tool to achieve the by us required result. 

Rubber hardness is exactly as the NOS samples we started from. So finally something good useable…. Comes with two correct mounting bolts in 8.8 strength and two washers. Exactly what you need for perfect mounting.

Crankshaft Okrasa with counterweight 69.50 mm, 25-30 hp

Type 1

Okrasa sounds quite familiar in the ears of fans of Vintage tuning. BBT can help with valves, camshaft, carburettors etc. but until now there was no alternative for the crankshaft. Meanwhile there is a solution on the market and BBT hasn't hesitated to enlist it in its program. This 69,50 mm forged counterweight crankshaft is balanced and made from 4340 steel alloy. The rod valve and crankshaft bearings are nitride HV 500 hardened. The flywheel is assembled with 8-pins. Available each from stock, push rod tube seals and flywheel gaskets inclusive.

Fuelpomp standard

Type 4
021 127 025A

We used to deliver fuel pumps for Type 4 engines for years as second hand parts from stock. Meanwhile the previous years it became more difficult to find good used fuel pumps for revision and that?s why we?ve been looking for a good alternative to replace damaged or completely used fuel pumps. Our purchasing team has laid hands on a good reproduction of Type 4 engine pumps. These pumps are delivered each seals inclusive.

Piston and cylinder kit, cast, upper 98,00 mm - lower 90,00 mm

Type 1 - 1679cc
Ø 88,00 mm - 69 mm

This piston and cylinder kit of AA Performance is suitable to tune your 1600cc engine block to a cylinder capacity of 1679cc.  The side of engine case doesn?t need to be adapted, when it has a standard bore of 90 mm At the side of the cylinder head there should be a bore of 98 mm. The kit contains 4 cylinders, 4 pistons, 4 piston pens and 4 pairs of clips to secure the piston pens. From now on these kits are available from stock.

Headliner beading off-white

Bus 03/61-07/67
221 867 573D

This rubber beading facilitates a good assembly on the sides of the headliner on Type 2 03/61-07/67 possible. Available from stock as a set, sufficient to finish 1 bus.

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