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NewsNewsletter July 2011

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Newsletter July 2011


Yes, we did it!

BBT has moved since our previous Newsletter, the planning has been followed more or less, reserves have been drawn!  It was enormous, but we have passed with flying colors! Though the  restart went off somewhat chaotic , there were however  no enormous waitlists for deliveries, here and there one day longer, but that was it…we were able to  maintain our service, and that’s very important, the nightly hours and the tremendous early mornings are already forgotten.

When we analyze the previous remarks, we can easily say that the removal brought all BBT personnel closer together, and closer  to the business too. Our team is strongly attached as never before and you simply notice it in all kinds of work, where before problems could arise, now  we put in advance off! Together we’re strong, that is very important to you, customer or supplier. The faster and better we work with the right motivation, the quicker and better you’ll receive our goods, and that’s the reason why we go for it.  Our service has definitely  been moved along!

Meanwhile the weather hasn’t failed us in Europe, in fact since the end of March the weather was very fine and even better in most parts of Europe. Therefore lots of old Volkswagens  are used much earlier than usual. We definitely noticed it at the deliveries. Apparently cars should be all finished at ounce… A very busy spring with beautiful weather, we hope it will announce the  start of a superb summertime!

This summer you’ll find us again strolling between cars or drinking a beer on most of the Volkswagen meetings. Or just give us a call, and we’ll be glad to find the time for you to give a personal visit through our new buildings.

See you! 

New description #1690

Fuel pump flange 12/13/1600cc + 1.9 Waterboxer

Product change

#9585 + #9577 are not in ivory, but in grey, like original.

Engle cam shafts warranties

Please take note that the manufacturer of the Engle cam shafts does no longer accept warranties regarding damage resulting from use of the incorrect motor oil. We recommend to use oil with ZDDP content of 1200ppm. This oil only has sufficient content of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate, which prevents early wear of the friction parts such as bearings, piston pins and contact surfaces (cam shaft and lifters). Our item number 8510-004 Castrol Classic oil 20W50 (1 gallon) is the perfect match for the Engle cam shafts.

Available now!

Classic VW Parts 

      Classic VW Parts 2!!! 
            # 9495-PARTS2

No longer available

  • #0103 Fiberglass deck lid -67
  • #0215-2 Runningboard mat green left
  • #0402 Chrome molding kit (7pcs) -67
  • #1629-53DEE 4063-10 Camshaft
  • #1782-160 Rocker 12 - 1600cc for 9mm adjustng screw VW Brazil
  • #2197-01 WEBER 40 DCOE
  • #2197-02 WEBER 45 DCOE
  • #2197-03 WEBER 48 DCO 2/SP
  • #2197-05 WEBER 50 DCO 1/SP

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

New products

#0212-000 BBT Running board black, left
#0213-000 BBT Running board black, right


Continuity on Beetle running boards availability made us decide to start our own production. We have done our best to get the running boards in a quality that at least can match durability of the original produced running boards. They are of 1.35mm thick steel (+60% thicker than previously stocked running boards)  and will be supplied with mounting kit and quality rubber cover already mounted. Mouldings and clips can be obtained separately from our stock, so you can modify to a model you like.

#0511-500 Classic quick shifter Type 1, KG
#0511-550 Classic quick shifter Type 2 60-79


We already have a very extensive offer of custom shifters, though we didn’t have a model in our assortment which approaches  the style of the original model that much. You can shift more accurately and faster due to an shift reduce of 35 %. It will certainly give more pleasure when driving. We have 2 different models in our assortment. One shifter is suitable for assembly on all Type 1, Type 3 and Type 14 Karmann Ghia and the other one is for assembly on Type 2 buses  from 08/59-07/79. From now on each of these models  is available each from stock.

#0524-610 Snapnuts cab door inner grab handle Type 2 68-79 (2)

These snap nuts are essential for the assembly of the cab door grab handles. They are slipped over the inner reinforcement of the cab door and they support the assembly screw of the grab handles. From now on available a pair from stock.

#0526-150 Dash plate "Aloha please" red
#0526-160 Dash plate "Aloha please" blue


BBT already has an extensive offer of dash plates for you, however we continue to expand our assortment. The ‘Aloha please’ plate is such an example and with its playful text it can be a nice complement to your VW experience. From now on available in 2 colours from stock.

#0601-100 Front fog light kit 'Marchal 660'
#0601-200 Spotlight kit 'Marchal 662/762'


These light sets with a very classical look is a perfect complement for your  car in matter of functionality and finish. The sets are made into detail and available in 2 versions : fog lights and spotlights. The fog lamps are fitted with H1 lamps and provided with 2 white and 2 yellow classic BA21S 12V/55W bayonet fit bulbs and supports. The high beam lamps are fitted with 2 yellow classic BA21S 12V/55W bayonet fit bulbs and come with 2 white classic BA21S 12V/55W bayonet fit bulbs, 2 H1 12V/55W bulbs and a support to get these H1 lamp mounted.  From now on available a pair and from stock.

#0636-550 Headlight switch Type 1 08/60-07/67

Many  owners of the early ‘60’ Type 1 models have experienced that  the electrical 6 Volt installation of our Volkswagens is very susceptible to break down  due to a bad contact  because of corrosion and dust.  The headlight switch has a very complex construction and is therefore one of the most susceptible parts in this context which can hardly be repaired. From now on we offer you the opportunity to replace your broken light switches by a good reproduction. Available each from stock.

#0637-050 Battery 6 Volt 66Ah Type 1 (modern model)

This battery has the same specifications as the 6V/66 Ah battery (BBT 0637) which we have in our offer for some time now. Due to the increasing price of this previously called original look battery, we were forced to offer a cheaper, good and modern looking alternative.  From now on we can deliver this battery dry from stock. The liquid (2,5l) for this battery can be obtained per liter from stock (BBT 0639).

#0759-125 Scraper moulding outside KG Coupe 08/71- left
#0759-126 Scraper moulding outside KG Coupe 08/71- right
#0759-135 Clips for scraper moulding outside KG 08/71- (8)


Due to the increasing demand in our shop for Karmann Ghia scrapers, we are enlarging our offer continuously. These scrapers and chrome moulding and clips are therefore a direct result of our efforts. This seal can be found at the outside, on top of the door with Karmann Ghia coupé and prevents that water can seep inside the car between door window and door and do its destructing work. From now on we can deliver from stock scraper and moulding, assembled for each side. Clips for assembly of these mouldings are also available per 8 pieces, sufficiently for 2 sides.

#0890-230 Sidewindow repair panel/ lower part Type 2 -67

These side window edges for Type 1 buses are very susceptible to corrosion. Often caused by bad or rotten seals, so that humidity is kept between seal and body and can do its destructing work. Once damage has been discovered, then it’s too late and window seals are already perforated. We have this repair panel at your disposal to solve this problem. The repair panel consists of 1 part and is suitable for all side bus windows of Type 1 -07/67.

#0890-745 Floor plate left Type 2 -67 (BQ)
#0890-755 Floor plate right Type 2 -67 (BQ)


We hope to offer many restoring Splitbus owners a good alternative for the restoration of the floor of his -08/67 T2 model. After more than 40 years of faithful service, many floor plates are damaged by rust and/or cargo. Damage can be that ample that it is much more efficient and economical to replace the entire floor plate. From now on we can deliver the floor plate in a good quality for each side from stock.

#0890-766 Floorplate pick up rear half part Type 2 / 63' 1/2 x 35' 1/2

Many pick-up buses already have an intensive life behind them and they have transported quite some cargo. That’s why these floor plates are often damaged and rust has done its job too. From now on we can offer a very nice alternative with a good fit and from an outstanding quality to repair these floor plates. One floor plate covers 1 rear half part of the floor.

#1078-280 Silencer strap Type 25 -07/85 waterboxer
#1078-500 Silencer strap Type 25 08/85 - waterboxer

The exhaust system with Type 25 waterboxer engines is assembled on 1 side at the outlet pipe coming from the silencer branch pipes, whereas the  end of the heavy muffler at the end should be fixed by means of a strap. We recommend to replace this strap too when you install a new silencer as from now we can deliver this strap for all Type 25 versions driven by waterboxer engines, each from stock.

#1368-015 Lock plate for steering shaft flange to steering box Type 1 -07/77
#1368-025 Lock plate for steering shaft flange to steering shaft Type 1 -07/77
#1368-035 Lock plates for steeringbox mounting Type 1 -07/77 (pair)
#1368-045 Lock plate for drop arm Type 1 -07/77
#1396-950 Axle beam lock plate Type 1 -07/65 (pair)

These lock plates are made according to the original model and can be found on different parts of the front beam suspension. When manipulating this suspension and steering parts, one should also remove the old lock plates which usually provokes that they will break. We recommend when reassembling these parts to use new lock plates only in order to avoid nasty consequences resulting from a missing front axle suspension. From now on available from stock.

#1374-200 Bushing kit front beam Type 2 03/55-07/63

You’ve already read in our newsletter from January that we are really hard working to solve the problem to obtain  a better availability of front beam bushing kits for Type 2 busses. From now on we can offer you a good alternative for Type 2 from  03/55-07/63. The bushing are delivered per set of  4 which is sufficient for 1 complete front beam.

#1574-200 Flywheel 200mm Type 4 standard
#1574-215 Flywheel 215mm Type 4 standard

Flywheels for Type 4 engines for 200 & 215mm flanges of coupling are rather scarce on the second hand market. If you wish to install a Type 4 engine on a Type 1 gear box, then a smaller dimension of flywheel is an absolutely necessary part. This measure  is essential for a proper assembly of the engines.  From now on we can deliver them in 2 different measures each from stock.

#1631-500 Lifters ENGLE Type 1 28mm (100gr) 8 pieces

Due to the always increasing success of the Engle cam shafts and cam shaft kits, we have to take also loose parts regarding these lifters in stock. It enables you to apply a more personalized configuration on your engine. The lifters have a contact surface of Ø 28mm and they weigh 100 gr each. From now on available per set of 8 pieces from stock.

#1715-105 Piston and cylinder kit 88.00mm/ Slip-in (4pcs) AA performance


Our offer of AA qualitative cylinder and piston kits is further enlarged with this set.  This kit is foreseen of a 88mm bore and a std. 69mm stroke with a cylinder displacement of 1679cc according to the slip-in principle, for which you need an opening of 90mm at the engine case side and 93.80mm at the cylinder head side. From now on available in a kit consisting of 4 cylinders, 4 pistons, piston shafts and clips from stock.

#1773-100 Valve cover Type 4
#1773-200 Clips for valve cover Type 4


We experience an increasing demand after spare parts for Type 4 engines since that we’ve added parts for Type 25 to our assortment.  We try to focus on the most current parts and therefore we present valve covers and clips for Type 4. From now on available each, new from stock.

#1894-500 Oil breather gasket Type 4 engine -07/79

This rectangular gasket can be found at the upper side of type 4 engines between engine case and air release pot. The Type 4 engine can turn for many kilometers and therefore this gasket can get hardened and show some oil leakage. From now on we can deliver them each from stock.

#2195-3-060 Idle jet 060 IDA


IDA Carburettors remain very popular and demand is increasing for spare parts. Therefore we decided to  enlarged are assortment stationary jets. With this 060 idle jet we complete our assortment and we can deliver from 040 until 075 with 0.05 interval. Available each.

#2415-100 Nut for wiperarm Type 1 08/69-07/72 + Type 2 08/68-07/72

This nut is essential for a good assembly of the wiper arm on the wiper mechanism on Type 1 and Type 2 from model 08/69-. We’ve already experienced that both nuts get easily lost during restoration and by its special design it isn’t evident to find a good alternative. From now on we can deliver this nut each from stock.

#2448-100 Wiper switch Type 2 03/55-07/64

The electrical 6 Volt installation of our Volkswagens is very susceptible to malfunction due to bad contacts caused by  corrosion or dirt.  The wiper switch is due to its complex construction one of the most sensitive parts in this matter and can’t hardly be repaired. From now on we offer you the possibility to replace your defective or lost wiper switches by a good reproduction. Available each from stock, clips and screw but without the 4mm button inclusive.

#2470-005 Wiper shaft nut Type 1 + 2 08/69-

This nut is indispensable for a good assembly of the wiper shaft mechanism on the body on Type 1 and Type 2 from model 08/69-. Principally no big fuss happens to this part, but sometimes they do get lost during restoration. From now on we can deliver this nut each from stock.

#2941-100 Repairkit for sliding roof Type 2 -07/67

The sliding roof is one of the nicest although sensitive parts which we can find on deluxe Type 1 buses. The sliding roof fits into the guiding by means of vinyl guiding parts, which can harden and rip by age, so that you can’t properly manipulate the vinyl sliding roof anymore. We can deliver from stock a repair kit consisting of 14 PVC guiding pieces with assembly screws and 1 seal strip.

#7125 Quarter window guide bushings Type 1 convertible 08/64- (set of 8 pcs)


These PVC guide bushings can be found beneath at the backside of the rear quarter window frames on Type 1 convertible from 08/64-07/79. These bushings make that the rear window can be lowered without any problems into the guide in bow form and prevent that windows will clamp or rattle. Bushing are available as a set of 8 pieces from stock.

#7134 Rubber stops convertible hold down Type 1 04/60- (ch.3 063 541-), pair


The hood frame of Type 1 convertible is locked when open by means of a hook which is fixed on the hood frame.  Behind this hook there should be also a rubber stop which makes that the hood is tightened properly and doesn’t rattle, which can cause noise and damage on several hinge parts of the hood. These rubber stops are often hardened or torn. From now on we can deliver this rubber stop from stock in a good quality a pair inclusive screws.