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Newsletter January 2011


Winter is restoration time! Apparently this slogan is becoming very popular. In  the past the VW activity used to take place especially in the Summer, whereas Winter has become nowadays an important season too. Ideas and inspiration gained in the Summer, will be executed during the Winter, so that one can attend actively to the great VW happenings in the Summer… with among others Bad Camber (only once every 4 years) and European Bug In (only once every 2 years), 2011 promises to be a Volkswagen peak year.
But there is more, 2011 will mean a year of innovation for BBT. In the beginning of the Spring we’re planning our relocation to new premises somewhat 50 meters further into the street. More space, fast ultra modern warehouse systems and a different way of working will improve our service drastically. Thanks to bigger offices and a better staffing, long waits on the telephone will be something of the past. A partial replacement of the fleet and an improved planning of the tours should lead to efficient and even quicker deliveries... You just hear it BBT is very impatient to start the new year and we’d like to wish you, as a partner, customer or supplier, a fantastic new Volkswagen year. We’re ready to strengthen our relationships in 2011 and to put our best foot foremost... Happy 2011!

Website news

With the arrival of the internet, BBT has also started since 1999 to inform you through this medium. We’ve received a lot of feedback and we’ve learnt from the experiences of the 18000 visitors who are visiting our website each month. This feedback from VW fans has been used to develop our renewed dynamic website in order to keep you, as a VW amateur,  informed of the ins and outs at BBT and the entire aircooled VW universe. You can attend our website in 4 languages from January 2011 for all information about activities, meetings, catalogues, program of spare parts, cars for sale, news flashes about new products, manuals, blog, etc…The BBT team hopes that they have succeeded in their purpose to meet you as passionate VW fan with our new website. Off course, we’ll always be open for new ideas and suggestions whatsoever.

BBT pictures

As you’re used from us, BBT will make every effort to comply optimally for each of you of our common passion, air cooled Volkswagens and the 1st generation of Transporters. We don’t spare any efforts to inform you about availability and diversity of spare parts for maintenance and restoration of our vehicles. After a thorough facelift and update of our catalogue printed in 5 languages, the development of our new informative website in 4 languages and our online catalogue, which will be available in the Spring of 2011; we have decided to offer the opportunity to our retailers to make use of our extensive database of pictures in order to inform customers in the best possible way. At present this database is set up from existing pictures from our printed catalogue, but in the meantime we are very busy to update this database, so that we’ll be able to present for each article a clear informative picture. The items which will appear also in our Newsletter every 3 months will be put at the disposal of all customers so that they’ll find at all times the latest information. If you want to learn more about the up to date database of these pictures just contact

No longer available

  • 0215-3: No longer available
  • 0889-41: No longer available
  • 0890-68: No longer available
  • 1609-025-18: No longer available
  • 1609-075-18: No longer available
  • 1611-075-18: No longer available
  • 1612-025-18: No longer available
  • 2100: No longer available
  • 2801: No longer available

New products

# 0045-500 Bumper end cap fitting kit T3 79-90

#0045-500 Bumper end cap fitting kit

Since Fall of 2009 we are  also working on parts for the T3 Transporter buses, for which always less parts are available through the usual suppliers. The PVC bumper ends are one of the first parts which we took  into our assortment for this purpose. Though we didn’t had the possibility to offer also the assembly kits for this bumper ends. From now on we have these kits available consisting of 1 screw, 1 chassis bolt with nut, 1 cover cap for the hole in the bumper end and 1 wedge for the assembly of 1 bumper end cap fitting.   

# 0156-500 Door hinge upper left KG 56-
# 0156-501 Door hinge upper right KG 56-
# 0156-510 Door hinge lower left KG 56-
# 0156-511 Door hinge lower right KG 56-


A frequently occurring problem with Karmann Ghia can be solved with these hinges. Due to the heavy weight of the Karmann Ghia doors, the hinges have to endure a lot, so the breaking off of the hinges is a common problem. Originally these hinges were mounted from 1956 till the end of production in 1974, although assembly can be effectuated from the start of the production. From now on we can deliver these hinges each and per assembly position from stock.

# 0275-040 Support for clutch pedal shaft Type 1 -08/57
# 0276-050 Stopplate brake pedal Type 1 -07/57


These two parts can be found at the feet of the driver’s side on Type 1 Beetle till 08/57. The support for the clutch pedal shaft is screwed on the floor plate at the end of the pedal set. The stop plate of the brake pedal is placed on the floor pan under the pedals and prevents that the brake pedal falls to the front. Due to the position of these parts on the floor plate, they are very susceptible for dirt and humidity which can cause corrosion. It happens, when replacing the floor pan, that these plates get lost. Anyway, from now on we can deliver these parts in a good reproduction each from stock.

# 0285-030 Gas pedal springplate Type 2 03/55-08/72
# 0285-040 Accelerator pedal hinge on floor Type 2 03/55-07/79


These small parts, which make that the accelerator pedal on Type 2 functions properly, can be found on the floor of the drivers cabin. The hinge foot is welded on the floor, while the spring plate is pushed under this foot and the accelerator pedal is pushed back in its original position, after it has been kicked down. Both parts are susceptible to dirt and humidity, which can be developed on the floor. In extreme cases the accelerator pedal can even block, which can provoke some nasty situations. From now on we can deliver each part separately from stock.

# 0286-100 Accelerator cable lever kit Type 2 08/67-07/72
# 0287-100 Accelerator cable lever kit Type 2 08/72-


This lever kit takes care of the transmission of the accelerator pedal to the accelerator cable. As it is located at the underside of the chassis, this accelerator pedal lever is very susceptible for humidity and dirt. It can harm the working of the accelerator pedal. From now on we can deliver this kit for 1 vehicle in a good reproduction from stock.

# 0391-100 Sunroof cable left T1 08/63-07/76
# 0391-110 Sunroof cable left Type 1 08/63-07/76
# 0391-150 Sunroof cable left Super Beetle 08/72-
# 0391-160 Sunroof cable right Super Beetle 08/72-
# 0391-200 Sunroof guide rail left Type 1 08/63-07/76
# 0391-210 Sunroof guide rail right Type 1 08/63-07/76
# 0391-250 Sunroof guide rail central Type 1 08/63-07/76
# 0391-255 Sunroof guide rail central (gear holder) Type 1 08/63-07/76
# 0391-260 Sunroof reinforcement plate guide rail central Type 1 08/63-07/76
# 0391-270 Sun roof gear drive assembly Type 1 08/63-07/67
# 0391-275 Sun roof gear Type 1 08/63-07/76
# 0391-280 Guide plug side sunroof rail Type 1 08/63-07/72


In our previous Newsletter you’ve surely noticed that our offer of parts for the repair and maintenance of the sunroofs have been extremely increased. In this edition you’ll discover even more parts. The sunroof cables #0391-100/110/150/160 take care of the transmission between the gear, driven by the crank and the sunroof plate. The gear holder #0391-255 is located centrally at the front  between the cables and the roof and takes care of the guiding of the cables along the gear transmission mechanism. The reinforcement plate guide rail #0391-260 sits above the gear holder and catches  the friction of the cables when working. The gear drive assembly #0391-275/270 transmits the crank turning movements to the cables. Due to frequent use or limited maintenance the gears can easily get damaged. Replacement is then the only possible option. #0391-280 can be found at the ends of the side guides of the sunroof and they centre the guiding in the inner part of the  sunroof. All above parts are from now on available each or if applicable, per side from stock.

# 0392-100 Sunroof cable left Type 2 68-79
# 0392-110 Sunroof cable right Type 2 68-79


These cables can be found on both sides of the steel sunroof with most Type 24 Deluxe micro buses or on buses, which have the option code M560 (metallic sunroof). The cables are driven by a crank on the ceiling and they take care of the transmission of the turning mechanism to the sunroof panel during opening and closing of the sunroof. This transmission mode with cog, which intervenes on the steel cables is very susceptible for defects due to regularly use or insufficient maintenance. By abrasion of the surrounding guiding parts or insufficient maintenance by lacking grease and roof seals, dirt and humidity can irreparably destroy the mechanism and especially the cables. From now on we can deliver these cables in a good reproduction each from stock.

# 0393-510 Sliding roof handle kit T25 05/79-08/92


Since January 2010 BBT has decided to support the generation of T3/T25 buses by proposing new spare parts. We have now taken in our assortment the sliding roof handle kit and it’s a perfect solution to repair or to replace the sliding roof operation on T3/T25 Transporters, which are foreseen of a sliding roof. This kit contains 1 handle, 2 cover plates, 1 screw and 2 cover plate screws. From now on they are available in a good reproduction from stock.

# 0404-290 End cap for Deluxe trim Type 2 -67


This end cap can be found at the ends of the trims, which have been used on Deluxe buses till 07/67. During disassembly or restoration it may happen that this little part gets lost. On 1 Deluxe bus 10 pieces were originally used.  For the reproduction trims, which we sell as BBT #0404-30/31/32/33 you’ll need 14 of them. We can deliver from now on this end cap in a good reproduction each from stock.

# 0438-005 Lock catch Type 1 -55


Many Split window and Oval Beetle owners will now have the opportunity to perfectly close the doors of their beloved vehicle. Many original lock catches are damaged due to rattling doors. The rattling is caused by wear on the door hinges, so that doors will hang and the lock catch is loaded inappropriately. The lock catch is used until -07/55 and from now on they are delivered in a good reproduction from stock. Corresponding assembly nuts are available under ref. # 8050-100.

# 0471-100 Mirror left KG 08/65-
# 0471-110 Mirror right KG 08/65-


From now on we can help many Karmann Ghia owners with the replacement of damaged rear view mirrors. The mirrors for Karmann Ghia resemble much to those for Beetle Sedan or Convertible, though, due to the different mounting position, the design of the foot has been modified.  From now on we can deliver these mirrors for both sides each from stock.

# 0517-701 Vent wing upper mount bracket Type 1 -07/64 left/chrome
# 0517-711 Vent wing upper mount bracket Type 1 -07/64 right/chrome
# 0517-015 Vent wing lock catch Type 1 -07/64 left and right
# 0517-016 Vent wing lock catch Type 2 -07/67 left and right


Our classics are nowadays still one of the few things which keep their value. Restorations are more and more effectuated in great detail, which has urged us to go into details regarding availability of parts, in order to enable this high degree of perfection. These parts for vent wings will contribute to this purpose without any doubt. The vent wing mount brackets take care of the good positioning and working of the vent wing in the door. The vent wing lock catch is located at the underside of the vent wing frame and locks this little window. The vent wing brackets are available separately for the left and right side for Type 1 till 07/64. The lock plates are similar left and right, but there are differences in type & model year. Fixation of these parts can be made through rivets BBT #0517-15. Each part is available separately.

# 0524-578 Inner doorhandle cabin door beige Type 2 66-67
# 0524-578-1 Buffer inner doorhandle cabin door beige Type 2 66-67


In our previous Newsletter we’ve already informed you that we had taken  the so-called “flippers” in a chrome version again in our assortment. From now on we can deliver these door handles also in beige. Door handle and buffer are separately for sale and they are delivered without assembly screw.

# 0527-500 Seal on anti-theft on shifter


A ‘Sperrwolf” anti-theft devise is still a very popular option on air cooled Volkswagens and can mostly be found on Type 1, Type 2 and Karmann Ghia models till 1967. Spare parts for this locking devise are almost not available, although we have succeeded to enlist this part subject to wear in our offer. The rubber sleeve makes that dust and dirt can’t enter the locking mechanism and  finish it nicely. From now on it’s available from stock in a good reproduction.

# 0566-200 Rear view mirror Type 1 Convertible 08/67-


After many years the rear view mirror of your Beetle Convertible or Karmann Ghia can look weathered because they are old  or due to the influences of UV radiation or can be damaged irreparably. BBT has now for the replacement of this mirror a nice alternative in this original reproduction. The rear view window is sold completely except for the interior light. Lights are available with BBT and can be ordered separately; fitting under ref. 0688 and bulb under BBT ref. 0661-31. The rear view mirror is available from now on each from stock.

# 0567-500 Rear view mirror Type 2 -64
# 0567-600 Rear view mirror Type 2 65-67


These rear view  mirrors will help many restoring Splitbus owners, when the rear view mirror needs to be replaced. In many cases these mirrors are oxidized or the connection between the assembly support and the mirror shows excessive play, which prevents a correct positioning of the mirror. From now on we can offer these mirrors for Type 2 03/55-07/64 and 08/64-07/67. Available each from stock.

# 0654-30 Key blank N - T25 80-91


Regularly we are confronted with persons who got into problems by losing the keys of their beloved VW vehicle. Both keys are often lost, so that the locks have to be either adapted or replaced. With these keys we’ve taken into our program, we hope to help many of those T25 Transporter owners, if one of the original keys has been lost. The keys are blanks, according to the original model, so that they can be cut according to the original key. From now on available each from stock.

# 0694-5863 Wiring harness Type 2 58-63
# 0694-6464 Wiring harness Type 2 1964
# 0694-6565 Wiring harness Type 2 1965
# 0694-6667 Wiring harness Type 2 66-67


We’re successfully helping more and more Splitbus owners on their search for the correct wiring harness for the restoration of the electrical part of their beloved Type 2. Recently this item was only available on special order resulting in long delivery terms. Therefore we have taken these wiring harnesses exactly made to measure and colour into our program. 4 versions are available from stock for all L.H.D. models from model year 1958 till 1967.

# 0736-200 Knob on seat lever -64 (ivory)
# 0736-210 Knob on seat lever -64 (black)


With these knobs you can replace the old, torn or lost knobs of the front seat locking. These knobs are secured by a clip on the shaft and they can be found on following vehicles: Type 1 08/54-, KG 08/55-, Type 2 08/62-, Type 3 07/62-07/73, Type 4 and 181. From now on we can deliver these knobs in ivory and black.

# 0759-700 Seal door hinge pillar cover plate KG


You’ll find this seal for Karmann Ghia on the front fender between the A-pillar cover plate and the outside of the fender. It prevents that humidity and dirt can get into the corners near the A-pillar hinges. Because of it’s mounting position this seal is very susceptible to wear and can’t often be used again. From now on we can deliver this seal in a good reproduction on the exact length each from stock.

# 0781-250 Coat hook metal bracket Type 1 08/61-10/66
# 0782-250 Coat hook metal bracket Type 1 10/66-


These metallic brackets  can be found on the B-pillar on Type 1 and Type 3, they fix the strap kits (BBT 0781, 0782 & 0783), which are used by the passengers on the rear seat.  This part often disappears when no inventory has been made prior to disassembly. #0781-250 is used on Type 1 -10/66, #0872-250 can be found on Type 1 and Type 3 10/66-. From now on we can delivered these brackets each from stock.

# 0890-705 Cover plate under pedals Type 2 03/55-07/67


You’ll find this cover plate at the underside of the driver’s cabin on the T1 Bus till 07/67. The cover plate protects the mechanical steering/brake parts as well as the electrical parts at the underside of the cabin floor against dust, dirt and humidity. This cover plate is, due to its assembly position at the underside of the vehicle, subject to rust and damages occurred by obstacles on the road. We can deliver this cover plate in a good reproduction, new from stock.

# 1239-240 Emergency brake handle left Type 2 03/55-07/71
# 1239-250 Emergency brake handle right Type 2 03/55-07/71


Everyone will agree with us that brakes must be in perfect condition on our cars so that we can drive safely into the traffic. BBT is always up and about to develop and stock good material to achieve above demands. Emergency brake handles, which we offer at the moment, are such parts  which we have developed ourselves and they take care of the transmission of the emergency brake cables to the brake shoes. From now on we have them each and per side in stock.

# 1248-090 Brake calliper Type 2 08/70-07/72 left
# 1249-090 Brake calliper Type 2 08/70-07/72 right


These brake callipers will be much appreciated by many T2a fans. Those who already have been working on the front brakes, will have experienced without any doubt that, if the callipers need to be replaced, it’s not an easy thing to find new parts. Revision was then the only option, but in many cases even this option wasn’t achievable because of severely damaged callipers or due to huge  revision costs. From now on we can put at your disposal fully revised brake callipers to repair the brake system properly. The brake callipers are sold each for each side, brake pads assembly kit inclusive, without brake pads. We can deliver these brake pads from stock under BBT # 1244.

# 1254-300 Brakeline kit Type 2 08/67-07/69
# 1254-310 Brakeline kit Type 2 08/69-07/70
# 1254-320 Brakeline kit Type 2 08/70-07/71
# 1254-330 Brakeline kit Type 2 08/70-07/71 with servo
# 1254-340 Brakeline kit Type 2 08/71-07/72
# 1254-350 Brakeline kit Type 2 08/72- 11/72
# 1254-360 Brakeline kit Type 2 12/72-07/79


We already had following brake line sets available in a universal kit under reference #1259-06. In the meantime we’ve been working to obtain these correct kits according to model year so that differences in length wouldn’t occur anymore. From now on it’s possible to obtain the brake line sets correctly made complete to measure for a perfect original restoration or repair. The sets consists subject the version, of all lines inclusive the connection nipples, but without T-parts, connection parts or flexible lines. Available from stock per kit for 1 vehicle.

# 1269-500 Clip for brake line T25
# 1269-510 Clip for brakeline kit (chassis) T25
# 1269-520 Clip for brakeline kit (chassis) T25 / double
# 1269-530 Brakeline holder (single) T25
# 1269-540 Brakeline holder (double) T25


These fixation parts for the metal brake lines can be found at the underside of the T25/T3 Transporter, which was in production in Germany from 05/79 till 07/92 and in South-Africa till 07/2002. Due to the influences of the weather during many years, these parts may have become fragile and can break. The oil hoses can’t be held on the original position and this makes that the line will leak due to friction and vibration and the loss of brake pressure can lead to nasty consequences. From now on we can deliver these clips each from stock.

# 1374-210 Bushing kit front beam Type 2 64-67
# 1374-220 Bushing kit front beam Type 2 68-79


For many year we’ve been offering urethane bushing kits for repair of front beams for Beetle and Karmann Ghia. The popularity of this item and the resulting raising demand for these bushing kits for Type 2 has resulted that we present them now  for Type 2 bus 08/63-07/67 & 08/67-07/79. One set consists of 4 bushings, 1 for each suspension arm. From now on these kits are available from stock.

# 1410-005 Gasket kit rear SWING axle (1) / German


This gasket kit of German origin is composed of 2 seals, 2 paper gaskets, 2 metal rings, 1 oil seal and 1 split pen. It is used to seal the rear Swing axle perfectly at the backing plate on Type 1, Karmann Ghia, Type 2 -07/67, Type 3 08/68- and 181 -07/73 with Swing axles. From now on available per set for 1 wheel from stock.

# 1415-650 Gasket kit for Type 2 08/67-07/74 (M/T)
# 1415-750 Gasket kit for Type 2 08/75- (A/T)


Due to the increasing interest for many years in air cooled VW buses there is an big demand after good enduring revisions of the mechanical parts. We offer the opportunity with these gasket kits of German quality to keep the gear box leak-proof and  in good condition. The kits contain all seals for the transmission case but no shaft seals. From now on we can deliver these gasket kits per set from stock.

# 1426-500 Axle flange cap Type 1
# 1426-600 Axle flange cap Type 2 + T25


These caps are located in the middle of the axle flange at both sides of the gear box and they separate the oil of the gear box from the grease of the bearing in the C.V. joints. During maintenance of the gear box we recommend to replace also these caps in order to avoid any leakage later on. From now on we can deliver these caps each from stock.

# 1478-500 Stub axle rear Type 1 68-


This stub axle can be found on all propeller shaft driven rear axles of Type 1/KG 08/68- with semi-automatic gear box, on all 1302/03 models, Type 3 automatic from 08/67-07/68 and all Type 3 08/68-. Normally these shafts don’t get easily damaged, although following factors can cause that the shaft gets damaged after all. Disorder of the shaft due to defective bearing and/or seal. Damage of the cogging by a not tightened on couple stub axle screw, so that the brake drums can damage the cogging by play/friction. Irreparable damage of the stub axle screw thread during difficult disassembly of the stub axle screw. From now on we can deliver this stub axle each from stock.

# 1523-100 Clutch cable arm (HD) Type 1 -71 / 16mm
# 1523-200 Clutch cable arm (HD) Type 1 72- / 20mm


In our shop in St.-Job-in-‘t-Goor we receive regularly requests for specific mechanical used parts, which usually can’t be found in a good condition. This lever arm is such one. The cross shaft of the gear box of our air cooled Volkswagen is a part which is very susceptible to wear and damage. When replacing the cross shaft and/or guiding bushings, where the shaft has been assembled in, the lever, which provides the transmission between the clutch cable and the cross shaft, should be disassembled. Due to the assembly position of the gear box and the accompanying parts under the vehicle, the connection between the lever and the cross shaft is often damaged by corrosion and the cross shaft can’t no longer be recycled. The 16mm model is used on T1 -07/71, T2 09/64-07/75, Type 3 03/65-08/71 and T181 -07/71. The 20mm model can be found on T1 08/71-, T2 08/75-07/79, Type 3 08/71-. From now on we can deliver both versions in a “Heavy Duty” quality each from stock.

# 1715-095 Piston and cylinder kit 87.00mm(4pcs) AA performance
# 1715-110 Piston and cylinder kit 88.00mm(4pcs) AA performance


We’ve already had for some time the sets of AA Performance in our assortment, as an alternative for the always more expensive Mahle cylinder/piston sets. Due to the increasing success of these sets we’ve enlarged our assortment with kits for 1641cc (Ø 87mm) and 1679cc (Ø 88mm) Type 1 engines. From now on they are available per kit, consisting of 4 cylinders, pistons, piston axles and clips from our program.

# 1721-050 Rebuilt cylinder head 36hp


For a good and lasting engine revision of your 36H.P. air cooled power source, we have from now on these 36 H.P. rebuilt cylinder heads available. These cylinder heads are recycled and selected through our existing collaboration for many years with at least as many devoted Vintage VW fans. The selection and revision is effectuated in consideration of the preservation of the intact parts. The cylinder heads are cleaned by means of glass beads jets. Damaged wire ends are replaced. Valve guides are controlled on end play and are replaced if necessary by good new valve guides. If the valve guides have been replaced, the valve seats are cut. Valve springs, valve retainers, woodruff keys and valves are new and valves and guides are grind for a good seal of the valves. From now on these cylinder heads are available each from stock.

# 1721-800 Cylinder head Type 4 1700cc / complete
# 1721-810 Cylinder head Type 4 1800cc / complete
# 1721-820 Cylinder head Type 4 - 2000cc GE / complete
# 1721-830 Cylinder head Type 4 - 2000cc CJ / complete
# 1721-840 Cylinder head Type 4 - 2000cc CV / complete
# 1721-850 Cylinder head Type 4 - 2000cc CU / complete


Type 4 engines became more and more popular during the past years, consequently spare parts for engine rebuild are also much required. Certain used parts such as cylinder heads are almost no longer available and the costs for the rebuilding of old usable cylinder hears runs up considerably. That’s why BBT has decided to take all usual cylinder heads for air cooled Type 4 engines applied on Type 2/T3, Type 4 VW and even Porsche 914 new in stock. The cylinder heads are delivered each with the correct assembled valves, valve springs, valve retainers and woodruff keys.

# 1721-900 Cylinder head T25 - 1900cc / complete
# 1721-910 Cylinder head T25 - 2100cc / complete
# 1721-950 Cylinder head T25 - 1600cc Diesel 81-85 / complete
# 1721-960 Cylinder head T25 - 1600cc Diesel 85-89 / complete
# 1721-970 Cylinder head T25 - 1600cc TD / complete
# 1721-980 Cylinder head T25 - 1700cc Diesel / complete


Also for T3 buses we get regularly requests for new cylinder heads, which made us decide to complete our offer of new cylinder heads for waterboxer and diesel engines. The cylinder heads for waterboxer engines are delivered each inclusive valves, spring valves, valve retainers and woordruff keys. The cylinder heads for diesel engines are delivered with complete assembled cam shaft (without pinion) and accompanying material such as valves, spring valves etc. The studs for the assembly of the intake manifold, header, cooling circuit etc. are delivered separately. Gaskets are not included, though can be obtained under BBT item number group #1776-... and  #1770-5..

# 1920-050 Bugpack Spin-tru generator pulley 12Volt, chrome
# 1920-250 Bugpack Spin-tru generator pulley 12Volt, black


We can comply with this generator pulley the demand of those, who don’t consider the existing pulleys suitable for the installation on their engines. These pulleys are secured by 2 flat sides on the shaft of the rear pulley/flange. We can deliver these pulleys in a good quality in 2 versions from stock.

# 3190-500 Rear seat backrest hinge KG
# 3190-600 Rear seat backrest retaining catch KG (pair)


These two parts have been recently taken into our assortment and can be found on Karmann Ghia Convertible. The hinge has been used since the start of the production of Karmann Ghia Convertible (Type 141) 08/57- till the end of the production in 07/74. It can be found at the underside of the backrest on both sides. The back retaining catches are located at the sides: left and right at the upper sides and are used since 10/68- 07/74. The hinge is available each, the retaining catches per pair. From now on they are available in a good reproduction from stock.

# 3199-001 Seat frame barb repairkit (10pcs)


These pins are welded on the seat frames on Type 1, Karmann Ghia, Type 2 and Type 3 and they are very useful  to fix the seat cover. The upholstery is pulled under tension over these pins and on their turn they are folded over the seat cover for an optimal clenching of the upholstery. As these clips are in fact designed for single assembly, it happens that they break off when removing the worn out upholstery. The only possible solution is to replace these pins for a nice new straight up seat cover. From now on we can deliver them per 10 pieces from stock.

# 3990-014 Inner tube 14" (175/185 - 14' , 185/70 - 195/70 -14')
# 3990-015 Inner tube 15" (155/165 - 15', 165/175/70 -15')


A complete and correct restoration sits into detail. The use of tyres according to the ancient method with inner tube is just one of them. From now on we have for this application these inner tubes in a 14” and 15” version available. These inner tubes can of course also be used to repair tubeless tyres. The 14” version is apt for 175-14, 185-14, 185/70-14, 195/70-14. The 15" version is suitable for  155-15, 165-15, 165/70-15, 175/70-15. The inner tubes are available each from stock.

# 7210 Lower guide bar bolt KG convertible
# 7211 Lower guide bar bushing KG convertible


These guide parts are indispensable for the proper functioning of the Karmann Ghia hood frame and you can find them on the hinge part near the B-pillar. Due to age the PVC bushing gets porous and fragile and will tear. The assembly bolt of the bushing is often rusted so that it will get damaged during disassembly. From now on we can deliver bushing and bolt in a good reproduction each from stock.

# 7669-000 Shifter boot T25 79-92 / black


This shifter boot protects the mechanical part of the shifter against dust and dirt and finishes the shifter part nicely. Due to many years of use and the influence of ultraviolet radiation this boot often needs to be replaced. From now on available each from stock.

# 8970 Rear window Type 1 -53 (1)


This rear window increases our offer of windows for air cooled Volkswagen even more. Split windows become more and more scarce. On the one hand due to damages during lasting service and/or restoration, on the other hand many Split window bugs have been transformed into an oval window to enlarge the view through the rear window. The windows were no longer of use and were thrown away in general. If a split window bug has undergone such a conversion and you want to return it into the original rear window sight, these windows can offer a solution. The windows are an own BBT product, made exactly according to a NOS rear window model. From now on we can deliver these windows each from stock.

# 9010-100 Side tension cable springs Type 1 (pair)
# 9011-100 Side tension cable springs KG (pair)


These springs can be found on the frame of the convertible near the windows on Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertible and they tighten the outer hood straight against frame. When replacing the upholstery of the hood we recommend to replace, apart from the tension cables, also these springs. From now on available a pair from stock.