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NewsNewsletter April 2011

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Newsletter April 2011


A slight revival of the economy, the crisis has been pushed far back into the mind of most of the people, the most expensive petrol ever, and then came the disaster in Japan. By means of the tremendous sophisticated top-technology we could follow on CNN the misery of hundred thousand people living in perfect harmony. It was like we  were amongst them… Unbelievable how the population of Japan copes with this catastrophe. Discipline, harmony and sense of duty: three key words which make things work. No plundering, no quest for benefit, no abuse. No, quite the contrary, higher dedication, more solidarity and above all humility. Our Western society can learn a lot from our brothers from the land of the rising sun!

Aside from all this world shocking news and great interests, we, at BBT are almost ready to move into our new building. The finishing touch  is put on at this very moment while this text is written, completion of our new premises is settled on 7th April. Then will follow a punctual compliance of the script, where the entire removal planning has been noted. Each fellow worker will be closely involved and the performance gauge will go deep in the red. We want however to restrict any inconveniences towards our customers to an absolute minimum. Unfortunately we’ll be experiencing difficulties during a couple of days as you can read hereafter in our planning column.

After the entire removal and restart perils, a new flight we be taken at once to prepare our Open House, which will be organised according to our two years customs on Thursday eve just before we head for Bad Camberg. So note already Thursday 23rd June in your agendas, apart from an incredible Open House you’ll also be able to visit our spanking new offices and warehouse in a very special way. BBT will, as usual, take care of the animation, food and drinks!

Spring has a lot for you in the offing with BBT! So I’ll put my working cloths back on and get busy! I want to be ready to serve you even better with the entire BBT team, capital ‘S”  of our ‘Service’ will grow even more! At least that is our aim! We wish you a nice springtime with many butterflies and flowers, we are already shaking to start!

Moving-days schedule

BBT will move during the entire week no. 15.

Monday 11th April we’ll be working normally, we’ll try to forward all orders received before noon that same day.

The BBT delivery tour to France will leave on normal time.

The BBT truck to Northern Germany will leave on Monday eve, a day earlier than usual, but all these customers will be informed personally how and when to place their orders.

All other delivery tours of this week, as well as all shipments CANNOT take place unfortunately.

Tuesday 12th April BBT will be CLOSED completely and will unfortunately be impossible to reach. This day all the offices, IT, telephone and our shop will  move. Not less than 13 external companies will contribute to it.  In the evening our IT and telephone should be ‘up and running’. Our telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will remain unaltered of course.

Wednesday 13th April our offices, will be partially functioning. For urgent matters you can reach us on telephone and e-mail.

Our shop will be open in our new premises from Wednesday 13th April on, and can profit from its own little warehouse with ‘grab stock’. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee a perfect delivery by that time.

Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th April the whole BBT warehouse will be moving. As the complete BBT stocks will be divided between two warehouses, different trucks, reach trucks and forklifts, NO deliveries will be possible. 

The weekend of 16th and 17th April is an absolute buffer and will be kept free by the BBT staff to finish the warehouse at the last moment.

Monday 18th we’ll start again with the entire BBT team at 100% of our forces. All shipments and delivery tours will leave normally from this week on. Except the deliveries for Italy, they will leave on Monday eve, one day later than usual. These customers too will be contacted by us with the complete planning and information.

We try to restrict any conveniences towards our suppliers and customers to an absolute minimum. In case we should have overlooked something, we’d like to learn about it, after all we’re here to help you, should the telephone be out of order, send a fax or e-mail and we’ll respond as quick as possible.  BBT is here for you and through you!

Follow the move from day to day on the BBT blog:

Arlette and Bob wish to thank all the BBT staff and volunteers for their unrestrained efforts! This dashing exploit can only be possible thanks to a firm and strong collaborative team, together we’re strong!

New address

Despite moving only 50 meters further into the street, we’ll have to charge you with our change of address.

New BBT address from Wednesday 13th April:
Nijverheidsstraat 21
2960 Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor

All telephone, fax and cell phone numbers as well as e-mail and internet addresses remain unaltered.

Modification of parts: BBT running boards #0200 / #0201 / #0202 / #0203 / #0204 / #0205

Due to continuing problems for many years regarding to our suppliers’ delivery terms of running boards, we have decided to offer an alternative solution. Current prices indicated on our pricelist are new and up to date but these running boards won’t be available from stock anymore. They can be obtained on special order for at least 100 pieces (different quantities are allowed), delivery terms remain however a big question mark. As an alternative we can offer you these running boards developed by BBT: #0212-000 and #0213-000. These running boards are made of 1.35 mm thick steel (+ 60% thicker than previously). The BBT running boards are delivered with mounting set and black mat, but without mouldings and moulding clips. Mouldings and clips can be ordered separately under following BBT references:

  • #0200-1 Clips running board moulding -07/66 (10)
  • #0200-2 Running board moulding -07/66 (33mm)
  • #0402-1 Running board moulding -07/66 stainless steel (pair) -07/66
  • #0200-3 Running board moulding -07/52
  • #0202-1 Clips running board moulding 08/66-07/70 (10pcs.)
  • #0202-2 Running board moulding 08/66-07/70 (18mm)
  • #0204-1 Clips running board moulding 08/70- (10pcs.)
  • #0204-2 Running board moulding 08/70- (9mm)

#1951-1 Regulator 6Volt generator (BQ)

Since quite some time we have experienced problems with the availability of replacing 6V voltage regulators of a decent quality. Our research department has succeeded through our numerous contacts to find a good substitute. From now on available again from stock till exhaustion of our NOS supplies.

No longer available

  • 0215-2: Discontinued
  • 1506: Discontinued
  • 1929: Discontinued
  • 5503: Discontinued
  • 9495-ZO-10: Discontinued

New products

#0019-300 Bumperbracket front left Type 2 08/67-07/71
#0019-310 Bumperbracket front right Type 2 08/67-07/71
#0019-350 Bumperbracket rear left Type 2 08/67-07/71
#0019-360 Bumperbracket rear right Type 2 08/67-07/71


There has been an increasing demand for these bumper brackets for quite some time. These brackets can get deformed after a (minor) collision, whereas corrosion can also damage these brackets to a large extent so that they are no longer suitable for recycling.  Second hand bumper brackets are rather scarce, because of above indicated reasons and limited period that they have been in use. From now on we can deliver these brackets as a good reproduction for each corner from stock.

#0429-200 Decklid lock W/keys Type 1 08/66-07/71 chrome


We’ve had this deck lid lock already for some time in our offer for Type 1 as a lock consisting of different parts (BBT #0429), though the original model was available in 1 complete unit.  From now  we can deliver this original one piece model deck lid lock with 2 keys each from stock.

#0437-300 License plate frame for 520mm x 110mm plate (aluminium)
#0437-350 License plate frame for 340mm x 210mm plate (aluminium)


A new European license plate design has been taken in use recently in Belgium too. For a nice assembly of these licence plates we offer you the possibility to use an aluminium mounting plate with a high gloss polished border. From now on in stock for the universal European license plate measures: 520 x 110mm and 340 x 210mm. Available each from stock.

#0440-250 Script:"Karmann Ghia" on rear hood (big)
#0440-255 Clips (4) script:"Karmann Ghia" on rear hood (big)


This script can be found on the engine lid of the Karmann Ghia from 08/62 till the end of production in 07/74. Many Karmann Ghia owners have already undertaken long searches after this part, because it wasn’t available for a long time in a good second hand part and/or reusable condition.  From now on the script and the clips are available separately from our stock.

#0525-600 Speakergrill Type 1 10/52-07/57 (chrome)


This speaker grill is assembled centrally in the dashboard of Oval window beetles and finishes the opening for the speaker in the dashboard. The assembly by means of the bending lips often causes that the original speaker grill can’t be put back anymore. The speaker grills which we are offering you are properly chromed and available each from stock.

#0576-500 Carpet kit Type 1 convertible 08/68-07/71 / black


Since the start of BBT we deliver carpets for Type 1 Beetle from stock. Small differences in the early 70’s required some small adaptations on the carpet set for a younger or older model to get a nice fit.  From now on it’s possible to get a perfectly fitting set from our stock in the well-known TMI quality.

#0637-200 Battery 6 Volt 84 Ah black Type 2


Authenticity is a subject which can’t be disregarded  when restoring and maintaining air cooled Volkswagens and BBT is therefore always on the look after parts which suit the genuineness of our Volkswagens. We’ve again tried to fulfil to this criterion with this very original looking  battery. 6V 84ah (L.224 x B.173 x H.220), is very appropriate to be used on T2 -67. We deliver them dry so that the battery won’t loose its capacities during storage. Available each in a good German quality from stock.

#0736-100 Knob for seat adjusting Type 1 08/72-07/75 (black)


To adjust the front seats on a Type 1, different versions have been in use with Volkswagen. One had to be manipulated from the central tunnel of the body. The hard P.V.C. buttons to manipulate these levels are very susceptible to influences of UV rays, they get fragile and break. From now on we can deliver them each, mounting clips included, from stock.

#0759-160 Lock pillar rubbers Karmann Ghia convertible (pair)


These lock pillar seals specific for Karmann Ghia convertible can be found at the top of the B-pillar and have a dual function. On the one hand it finishes the body joints and on the other hand it keeps dust and water out near the top of the side panel and the hood frame. From now on we can deliver this seal as a pair from stock.

#0765-200 Door check rod seal Type 2 08/64-07/67 (pair)


These check rods seals prevent that water seeps into the A-post and the hole of the door near the check rod on T2 08/64-07/67. When they are old these seals  get fragile and they need to be replaced.  From now on we can deliver these check rod seals in a good quality, per pair  from stock.

#0790-200 Engine compartment seal Type 25 05/79- (air-cooled)


You can find this seal on Transporter buses from the 3rd generation from 05/79 till the end  of the installation of the aircooled engines in 12/82. These seals have the purpose to seal the opening between the engine tin and the body, so that the heat of the exhaust won’t reach the engine bay. The seal is very susceptible to changes in temperature, as it comes in direct contact with the engine cooling tin, resulting in worn and torn rubber that needs to be replaced in order to fulfil for what it has been designed for. From now on we can deliver this seal as a good reproduction from stock.

#0890-423 B-post inner panel left (225mm) Type 2 -07/67
#0890-425 B-post outer panel right (200mm) Type 2 -07/67
#0890-427 B-post outer panel right (840mm) Type 2 -07/67


Regularly we had to make special orders for our customers for parts to repair the B-post on Type 2 -67. As a result of frequent demands we've decided  to enlist these plates into our offer. From now on per application field, as indicated in the description, available from stock.

#0890-685 Bracket for rear valence left Type 2 -67
#0890-686 Bracket for rear valence right Type 2 -67


Split window buses are more and more restored, regardless of the condition in which they find themselves. Damage of the chassis led in the past often to disassembly and the parts were donated to better buses. Due to the increasing demand after Split window buses and the even bigger offer of available parts for restoration, the criteria are more and more severe and one get’s to restore even more. The rear triangular brackets, which are assembled on the chassis and which house also the fixing of the rear valence are due to the position near the to rear fender, engine and engine lid very prone to corrosion. These parts are considered as being a part of the chassis, though they are relatively easy to replace. From now on we can deliver this part, for each side in a good reproduction from stock.

#0890-765 Floorplate pick up rear half part Type 2 / 46' x 35'


Many pick-up buses already have an intensive life behind them and they have transported quite some cargo. That’s why these floor plates are often damaged and rust has done its job too. From now on we can offer a very nice alternative with a good fit and from an outstanding quality to repair these floor plates. One floor plate covers 1 rear half part of the floor and it can be used on the single cab or double cab.

#0929-200 Nuts for handbrake cable Type 1 08/64- (pair)


These M6 nuts have a very specific design for the 10mm wrench and a round cone for a better connection on the emergency brake cable guiding plate and therefore they are equal to the original ones. These nuts have often been lost during restoration, so now we can help you with these nuts in case they are lost. Sold a pair and they are used on Type 1 & Type 14 (Karmann Ghia) from 08/64 and on. Type 3 from 03/65.

#0969-100 Collar fuel line/chassis front Type 1 08/74- (oval)


We already had for some time the collar for -07/74 model in our assortment, but the correct oval model used for Type 1 after 07/74 wasn’t available at BBT until now. Things changed and the old, rotten or lost seals can now be replaced by  new ones.

#1239-360 Emergency brake support rod Type 2 08/71-01/73


Reliable brakes are for your BBT-team a favourite topic and we’ll do our upmost to enable you to keep the brakes in optimal condition. Our product development department has once again carried the  development of this indispensable part to a successful conclusion and we’re very proud to offer you this part of the emergency brake.  This rod located between the 2 brake shoes is essential for the proper functioning of the emergency brake on Type 2 buses from 08/71 till 01/73 (ch. 212 2000 001 - 213 2102 497). Those for buses 03/55-07/71 (BBT 1239-260/270) and model 01/73-07/79 (BBT 1239-46/47) are already available in our program for quite a while. From now on we can deliver the wide range of this part each from stock.

#1368-250 Steering box Type 2 08/67-07/72 (exchange)


We’ve been looking for a long time after a solution for a good replacement of the steering box for early Bay buses. We’ve shortly succeeded to start a good and  stable association with one of our contacts. From now on we can offer you a good reconditioned steering box on an exchange base. When purchasing a steering box we will need your old steering box so that it can be reconditioned. From now on available from stock.

#1368-750 Bushing steering rack Type 25 (1)


This silent bloc sits at both sides of the steering rack on Type 25 from 05/79-07/92 and it prevents that vibrations, caused by driving, can be transmitted through the steering shafts and the steering rack to the body. These silent blocs can get damaged when they have been used for many years and it makes that the steering racks comes loose. From now on we can deliver this bushing each from stock.

#1370-025 Bearingkit for steering column Type 1 08/67-07/70


This steering column bearing is located in the steering lock casing and sits around the steering shaft. Due to dust and excessive use the bearing can get dirty and damaged, which will without any doubt influence the proper working of the steering. This bearing is also developed to insure a good working of the horn command. If the brass conducts and/or PVC shells for isolation are damaged, it will for sure cause false contact so that the horn could be activated at  mostly undesired moments. From now on we can deliver the bearing with accompanying shells each and new from stock.

#1370-550 Bushing upper steering column Type 2 52-67


The steering column on -67 Type 2 buses forms a unit with the steering box. When the steering box has been properly assembled, the steering column will get stuck at the underside.  At the top the steering column goes through a support which has been attached to the dashboard. The steering column is fixed by a rubber bushing at the underside of this support , which also catches the vibrations of the rolling of the wheels. When they are old these rubber  bushings can shrink and harden, so that play gets between the steering column and the mounting support. From now on we can deliver the bushing in a good quality from stock.

#1425-202 Gearbox side seal Type 2 08/75-07/79 / Type 25 -07/92


This seal is located near to the side flanges of the gear box on buses of Type 2  08/75-07/79 and Type 25 05/79-07/92. It prevents that the oil of the gear box leaks along the flanges/wheel driving shafts. After a long lasting leakage along the flanges damage can occur in the driving mechanism of the gear box due to a shortage of  gear box oil. From now on available each in German quality from stock.

#1549-000 Clutch kit 215mm Type 25 Diesel and T-Diesel


The clutch is a mechanical part which is very subject to wear. Therefore it’s obvious to take them into stock so that the coming Type 25 Vanagon classics can go to all the meetings in the future. This 215mm clutch is destined for assembly on Vanagons foreseen of a 4 in line atmospheric Diesel engine with codes  CS 1.6l, JX 1.6l turbo diesel and KY 1.7l atmospheric diesel engine. This kit contains pressure plate, clutch disc and thrust bearing. From now on it is available from stock.

#1569-050 Flywheel 25-36hp reconditioned (exchange)


From 05/59 on, Volkswagen had started with the introduction of a new designed 1200cc engine, which had been improved on several issues. The parts designed for this new engine were however not useful on the prior developed 25/30 HP engines, which has impelled us to recuperate each 25/30 HP engine part.  We receive for quite some time many request for NOS flywheels for 25/30 HP engines in our shop, though our stock of these flywheels is diminishing considerably. Now we are able, thanks to our vast network of contacts, to present  you these good reconditioned 25/30 HP flywheels for the perfect restoration of your air cooled VW based on Type 1 engine  As mentioned here, it is a reconditioned part, it means that we work obviously on the basis of exchange in order to enable a continuous availability. Upon purchase of a new BBT reconditioned flywheel, we recommend you to return your old flywheel to BBT, so that it can be reconditioned and you can recover a part of the price paid for your purchase.

#1620-050 Camshaft bearings "double thrust"


Due to the increasing demand after these famous parts BBT has decided to take them into stock for those people who wish to better camshaft bearing, mostly used on tuned engines and accompanying camshaft. The double thrust bearings have compared to the original camshaft bearings an additional guiding lip with guarantees a proper guiding of the camshaft. When using these bearings you will have to adapt the centre seat for the bearing. From now on available per set for 1 engine from stock in a good tested quality.

#1805-500 Oilpumpcover sealed nut M8


When replacing the oil pump on Type 1 engines, the cover of the oil pump should be removed. The cover is secured by means of 4 sealing nuts. You can imagine that when manipulating one of these nuts get easily lost or damaged. From now on we can help you with the replacement of the nuts, so leakage by missing nuts or damaged wire ends won’t lead to further problems of the engine. From now on available each from stock.

#1808-150 Brass barbed fittings for Maxi oilpump (pair)


These 1/4” brass barbed fittings are essential for the connection of the BBT 1808-10/11/12  Maxi oil pumps. At first these pumps were delivered without fittings resulting in an additional search for the barbed fittings. From now on we can deliver them a pair from stock.

#1847-500 Oil filler cap black plastic


Refilling oil on Type 1 engines is done through the alternator support and a metallic cover with profiled border will originally seal it. In practice it isn’t always very handy to unbolt this cap due a  limited grip. From now on we can offer an alternative as it has been used upon the last production of  Mexican engines, which were foreseen of a PVC cap with a good grip and which closes also with a quarter turn.

#1952-100 Voltage regulator alternator 12Volt 73-74 / Hüco


Upon request of some of our regular customers we have taken an extra quality into our offer for the regulator for alternator model 73-74. From now on BBT ref. #1952 is from Bosch with a slightly higher price, ref. #1952-100 comes now from Hüco, which was formerly available under item no. #1952. Available each from stock.

#2217-100 Dog house engine tin / black


During the eighties and the nineties it was a rage, when reconditioning or cleaning one’s engine, to assemble it with coloured or chrome plated tinware for a personalised VW model, If you needed some tins for an original construction, there was plenty of second hand  tinware, so that there was no need for new tinware.  Nowadays things have changed and we have to deal with an increasing demand for original style black painted tinware.  Many of these are already available in our assortment, though, those for the dog house, which is placed outside the fan shroud on 1300 & 1600cc engines, weren’t part of our offer yet. From now on they are available painted in black as a pair in a good reproduction, seal included.

#2710-005 Horn cancelling/contact ring Type 1 08/61-07/70


We have frequently experienced that during long restorations it are always the same parts that get lost. This contact ring is such a typical example. The horn cancelling/contact ring can be found on Type 1, Type 3 and Karmann Ghia at the underside of the steering wheel.  Upon a thorough cleaning/restoration of the steering wheel this part is often removed. It’s principal function is the automatic switching off of the direction indicator switch after changing from direction. From now on we can deliver this ring each from stock.

#7435-100 Divider bar stainless steel Type 2 -67 (pair)
#7435-500 Divider bar clip Type 2 -67


These parts for the doors are generally very prone to corrosion. From now on we can deliver these parts in a decent quality for a perfect restoration. The divider bars are sold a pair, the clips will be delivered each.

#7530-500 Sliding door seal left Type 2 08/67-07/79


Our international contacts frequently bring us into contact with users of right steered Type 2 buses for L.H.D. traffic. These vehicles are often equipped with sliding door on the left side and a specific sliding door seal.  We have taken this seal into our program due to frequent demand. Available each in a good quality from stock.

#7632-000 Rear cargo door seal Type 2 79-92 / German


Our offer of body seals for Type 25 Transporter busses has been considerably enlarged, however we didn’t have those for the rear cargo door yet. This has changed, you can now replace your old, hardened or damaged seals without any problem, so that water can no longer infiltrate in the interior of your Type 25. Available each in a good quality.

#9495-PARTS1 Classic VW parts 1


When they have started with  Boxertje TECH, they weren’t able to estimate its success. You’ve proved that after 6 years these Boxertje TECH’s are a very useful series to work on your VW. They have tried to describe in each TECH each VW model as good as possible, but to incorporate all used parts and possible combinations in one Boxertje TECH has been proved to be impossible. That’s why they have started 5 years ago to reproduce all VW Exploded View drawings for each VW model from 1949 till the T25 in 1985. The result is a series of technical books where all 10 VW groups are shown. The first part of these series “Classic VW parts” is from now on available from stock.