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Newsletter January 2016 print


2015 is almost over and it has been an incredible year… I believe that there hasn’t been a more turbulent year ever before…

First, there was a small country that kept us for months on the edge of our seats. Then there appeared on the European borders a flood of refugees (ironically a number less than the inhabitants of Greece) from the Middle East and North Africa, forcing the European Community member states to take  autonomous decisions and measures instead of with the complete European Union. And last but not least an even smaller group extremists has  shaken the world into its foundations with their attacks in Paris. Each time a smaller group that pushed the previous ‘Hot News’ aside from the front pages.

And that’s why we live now at ‘war’ with soldiers and policemen in the streets. It gives us a safe feeling, luckily we’re not yet under siege… It’s rather strange that economically there is not much to notice of this ‘war’. Except for some heated discussions on television and other media about oil, art treasures and other business, we notice only the increased security on the street. It’s weird that normally war comes along with a gigantic increase of prices for petrol and raw materials, whereas now prices are decreasing…even strongly!  Perhaps this is not a normal war ? History learns that it won’t repeat itself this time ?

Meanwhile autumn is over and the winter season has started. Due to the mild temperatures the turn-over of our VW parts is huge. After all it depends what kind of winter we’ll get in Western Europe.  A soft or a severe winter ? A lot of snow ? Or no snow at all ? You can’t predict it.

What we do can predict, that are we at BBT. The challenge of 2016 is coming. The complete BBT team is ready to inforce the door and to work ‘hard’ next year. Automation of our warehouse will be continued, the forwarding will be thoroughly taken on, some great developments on IT matters are on the way and our stock range will be figured out furthermore. There are a lot of items scheduled on the agenda and we consider this preface as our new year’s letter for our customers. A letter plenty of good wishes and the very best intentions, because BBT knows as no one else, that well begun is half done! Our customers deserve it more than ever before.

I wish you personally and  also on behalf of the BBT employees a splendid New Year, plenty of marvelous moments with friends and family and a fantastic 2016…. Lots of prosperity, luck and health! And let’s hope that violence will not escalate in our beautiful world.

A splashing 2016!


New BBT production

bbt production

# 4875-080       Rubber for hoop set / BBT
# 4875-050       Wood slat kit for hoop Single cab Type 2 -07/67 /BBT
# 4875-051       Wood slat kit for hoop Single cab Type 2 08/67-07/79 /BBT
# 4875-055       Wood slat kit for hoop Double cab Type 2 -07/67 / BBT
# 4875-056       Wood slat kit for hoop Double cab Type 2 08/67-07/79
# 4875-250       Wood slat kit Single cab (4 slats) Type 2 -08/67 / Wide bed
# 4875-260       Wood slat kit Single cab Type 2 -07/66
# 4875-261       Wood slat kit Single cab Type 2 08/66-07/67
# 4875-262       Wood slat kit Single cab Type 2 08/67-07/79
4875-263       Wood slat kit Single cab T25 05/79-08/92
4875-265       Wood slat kit Double cab Type 2 -07/66
4875-266       Wood slat kit Double cab Type 2 08/66-07/67
4875-267       Wood slat kit Double cab Type 2 08/67-07/79
4875-268       Wood slat kit Double cab T25 05/79-08/92
# 4875-270       Wood engine cover T25 05/79-08/92 pick up
# 4875-295       Rivet for wood slat (1) 
# 1291-850
       Backing plate front left Type2 08/67-07/70
# 1292-850
       Backing plate front right Type2 08/67-07/70
# 1293-850
       Backing plate rear left Type2 08/67-07/70
# 1294-850
       Backing plate rear right Type2 08/67-07/70
# 1629-920
       Camshaft T1 25/30HP / Porsche 356 Pre A - not grinded
# 0891-104       Front wheel arch left Type2 08/72-07/79
# 0891-105       Front wheel arch right Type2 08/72-07/79

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

No longer available


# 0431 Robri set of 5 OEM
# 0436-520 Cargo side back door lock mechanism Type 2 03/55-08/62
# 0436-525 Cargo side back door lock mechanism Type 2 08/62-07/67
# 0159-50 Door right new 68-
# 0604-1 Plastic headlight trim 68-
# 0849-3 Original undersill right / original Mexico
# 0884 Complete rear left inner wheelarc Type 1 68-
# 0885 Complete rear right inner wheelarc Type 1 68-
# 0891-360 Rear corner left Type2 73-79
# 0891-361 Rear corner right Type2 73-79
# 0923-05 Brakecable Type2 530/3160mm
# 0925-01 Rear brake cable -4/62 standard
# 1254-330 Brakeline kit Type2 08/70-07/71 with servo
# 1299-500 Brakefluid DOT 4 - 500ml / TRW
# 1715-051 Piston and cylinder kit 36hp (4pcs) KS
# 1728 Heads street eliminator  94mm 44*37,5
# 1808 Dry-sump oil pump
# 5546 1776cc engine (BQ)
# 8980-300 Door window left KG 55-60
# 8980-305 Door window right KG 55-60
# 9496-16 Airmighty 16
# 9496-20 Airmighty 20
# 9540 F4 ROSE WOOD DASH KN. -67
# 9920-020 T-shirt (Large)
# 9920-030 T-shirt (X-Large)
# 0549-60 Parcel tray Bambus Thing (use # 0549-6)

Price modifications are indicated on the pricelist itself!

Available to special order only

Following items are still available @ BBT but due to low demand they are now available as special order what might be subject to longer delivery terms.

# 0012-950
Bumper front T25 05/79-08/92 (chrome)
# 0155 Flip front 1200/1300
# 0499-250 Sign NL 1950
# 0499-253 Sign NL 1953
# 0499-258 Sign NL 1958
# 0499-259 Sign NL 1959
# 0499-262 Sign NL 1962
# 0499-449 Sign D 1949
# 1602-06 Chevy Rod bearings 0.10"
# 2107-9 Manifolds IDA T4
# 9103-10 Hood Type1 58-62 black quality vinyl
# 9105-62 Hood KG 60-67 blue canvas
# 9105-74 Hood KG 68-69 burgundi canvas

New products

Sunroof guide rail set, plastic

Bus 08/67-07/79
241 877 300
A sunroof on Type 2 buses is a cute option that brings a lot of driving joy. Though it is less cute when the sunroof doesn’t properly work. In many cases bad functioning is due to problems with the control cables or the guide rail that obstructs a good grip of the crank cables. When the guide rail is worn out, deformed or torn, the manipulation will no longer function and you can’t open or close the sunroof anymore. From now on BBT has this guide rail made out according the original model available in a set from stock.

Front rubber mat black between front seats (Walk-through)(black)

Bus -67
211 863 781, 261 863 753A
This small rubber strip sits vertical between the cab floor and the raised up metal “walk through” section. We have this rubber mat for you in the correct profile and the right fit in stock.

Inspection cover seal

Beetle 08/65-
131 701 571
This seal sits on front chassis between cover that gives access into the inside of the chassis tunnel, the cover allows also to (dis)assemble the transmission rod….

Seal under outer sliding door handle

Bus 08/67-07/73
211 843 713A
This seal is located under the outer sliding door handle on Type 2 bus 08/67-07/73 and on Type 2 Split bus from 08/66, if they had the option of sliding door(s). The seal should prevent that humidity and dirt could penetrate through the perforation of the control axe of this handle into the lock and also that the handle wouldn’t damage the paint of the door. The seal is from now on available each from stock in a good reproduction.

Front wheel arch, left, complete

211 809 501D
BBT striked again! We have now the front wheel arches in top quality for T2b bus, incredible fit & smart compression, comparable with original! Silver-colored protection primer is electric conducting, that means that you can just weld above it, you don’t need no longer to rub down or to grind it clean. It can be done in one time, isn’t that a fantastic invention?

Rear corner, left - 68cm

Bus 08/71-07/79
This bodypanel is essential for the repair of accident damage or corrosion damage at the rear body corners on T2 Bus 08/71-07/79 and offers with its height of 68 cm the possibility to replace the rear corner until above the recess for mounting the rear light. 
On the T2AB 08/71-07/72 a small adaptation is necessary for the assembly of the bumper splash pans.

Rear panel complete

Bus 5/79-7/92
251 813 193H
Almost exact replacement as original with same perfect fit.

Chokecable, 4180 mm - 30hp Up to chassis number - 3 192 506

Type Karmann Ghia -07/60
141 711 501
In the early years of production of Karmann Ghia or any other classic VW peers there was no matter of automated choke and the choke throttle had to be controlled manually from the dashboard through a cable. This cable gets damaged or breaks off due to dirt and humidity and after many years use. Duly control of the choke throttle will be no longer possible, resulting in an increase of gas consumption. From now on BBT can deliver the choke made according to the original model each from stock.

Original style exhaust tip with bracket - Stainless Steel - Vintage Speed

Vintage Speed produces now also exhaust tips for original exhausts in classic as well as GT style. They are also made in a high quality like all other exhaust products from Vintage Speed, completely in stainless steel and they fit perfectly!

Backing plate, front left

Bus 08/67-07/70
211 609 139D
BBT already has a wide range of backing plates available from own production and these front and rear backing plates for Type 2 08/67-07/70 extend our offer once more. From now on these backing plates of fine quality are available each from stock for each side.

Steering peg in steeringbox

Bus 03/55-07/66
211 415 223A
The Type 2 Split bus steering box is known to be susceptible to play on the steering transmission, caused by internal use of the contact surfaces between worm wheel, located on the steering box and the steering peg located on the outgoing axe (pitman arm). The reason is often due to lack of lubrication of the steering box. The peg located on the pitman arm is a very vulnerable part for the transmission and therefore BBT has decided to add this item to our wide offer of parts. From now on excessive play on a Type 2 Bus steering box belongs to the past. The steering peg is available each from stock and fits on Type 2 03/55-07/66. The one for Type 2 08/66-07/72 is available under ref. # 1368-260. A leaking seal can be repaired using BBT item #1368-210.

Seal between chassis and steering axle Super Beetle

Beetle 1302/03
113 415 607B
This seal sits between firewall (where you put your feet on) and the steering axle, only with SuperBeetle (model with McPherson foot suspension at the front)

Transmission nose cone conversion kit 61- box into chassis

Beetle -09/52
Bus -07/59, 356 50-51
This transmission nose cone admits the installation of a gear box of a later model year into your original chassis with Type 1 -0/52, Type 2 -07/59 & Porsche 356 50/51 model year. Thus it’s possible to replace the authentic gear box by a more recent type of gear box without complete synchronization. It will be more comfortable when switching the gears and you’ve the opportunity to install a later type of engine. Attention : the transmission to the rear wheels requires use of the correct transmission axes. The gear box conversion kit will be delivered each from stock together with assembly bolts but without gaskets. Gaskets can be ordered under ref. # 1415-100.

Camshaft 25/30HP, Porsche 356 Pre A
not grinded

Due to frequent demands we’ve decided to sell also the camshaft for 25-30 DIN H.P. (25-36 SAE )without grinded cams. The engine case line only is grinded according to original specification. This enables the fans of the better tuning to grind the cams according to own specifications to achieve the ideal camshaft for their engine. BBT has the production of these camshafts in own management. Available each from stock.

Electric fuel pump for Injection

Beetle, Bus
Type 4
311 906 091D / 251 906 091 / 043 906 091
We present this electric fuel pump as an alternative for a broken item with Type 1, Type 2, Type 4 and Type 25, equipped with engine with fuel injection system. This system should always be under pressure to ensure a smoothly functioning of the fuel supply. This can be obtained by means of an electric fuel pump. This electric fuel pump can be used to replace fuel pumps under OE number 311 906 091D, 251 906 091 and 043 906 091. Technical specification are : 12 Volt, incoming connector 12mm, outgoing connector 8mm,pump delivery 130l/h, pressure reach 3-10 bar. Available each from stock.

Intake manifold 30 hp

111 129 701E
A clogged pre—heating of the intake manifold can cause problems with the curb-idle speed, increased gas consumption etc.. The clogging is often due to a layer of carbon monoxide of exhaust gas and there are no remedies for it. BBT delivers now a brand-new intake manifold for 30 HP engines.

Hubcap 4-lugs / Original

Beetle / Bus 08/70-, T3 05/79-
251 601 151A
Hub caps with VW logo are back available under Volkswagen license for the 4 lugs Volkswagen rims, top quality, without sorrows…..

Wheel spacer 5-lug wheel 1 inch (25.4 mm)/ long, alu-wheel

If you’re looking how to improve road-holding or to get a sporty look without drastic alterations on the suspension of you classic car, these wheel spacers may be a solution. They fit for assembly on 5-lugs assembled wheels with pcd of 205mm ((5 x 205mm) such as with Type 1 Beetle & Karmann Ghia ->07/67, Type 2 Bus -> 07/71, Type 3 -> 07/65, T181 -> 07/69. The widening corresponds with 2 inch = 50,8mm. Spacers are sold a pair, including fitting bolts for assembly of aluminum wheels provided with a 57° conic valve. BBT presents also a version for steel wheels under ref. # 2527.

Exhaust - Vintage Speed Classic Look - with pre-heat risers, Stainless steel

Type1 13/15/1600cc
New in our line of Vintage Speed exhausts is this item for your Beetle engine WITH pre-heat risers for single carburetor. This one is also made in stainless steel like all other Vintage Speed exhaust. BBT is THE premium dealer for Vintage Speed exhausts in Europe!

Exhaust, Vintage Speed Abarth, without pre-heat risers, Stainless steel

Type 3
BBT has a wide range of Vintage Speed parts, well-known for their excellent price/quality ratio. We’re happy to present this nice custom exhaust to the fans of Type 3, which is delivered including seals and assembly parts. The exhaust has no facility for pre-heat risers. Corresponding J-tubes can be ordered from BBT stock under ref. # 1080-820.

Wood slat kit for hoop /Single cab

Bus -07/67
261 871 151B (x6)
Type 2 pick-up buses are sometimes equipped with a protection cover above the cargo, so that the luggage would be protected against bad weather conditions or theft. This cover was kept on place by means of 2 metallic hoops that were screwed upon the wide bed. The hoops were connected at the upper side by means of small slats. These slats get easily damaged or have been affected after many years with cubic rot. From now on BBT can deliver these replacing slats from stock in an original reproduction. Available in a set in the well-known BBT quality for Type 1 -07/67 and Type 2 08/67-07/79 in a version for single cab as well as one for double cab.

Rubber between rear hoop and side drop gate, each

4875-080   Bus 08/52-07/79
261 871 135
This rubber is used on single and double cab pick-up buses in both split T1 and Baywindow T2 and provides a buffer between the rear hoop and the side drop gate of the loading bed. The rubber prevents the dropgates from rattling while driving. You need 2 of these rubber stops for 1 vehicle.

Westfalia louvre window brackets, as pair

Bus -07/67
You can spot a nice accessory on some Type 2 -07/67 Westfalia buses such as the SO42 version, being the so-called Westfalia windows or louvres. These louvre windows can be opened in such manner in different positions so that rain can’t penetrate inside the bus. The windows are assembled by means of seals into the aluminum frame and can be controlled from the inside through a hinged mechanism. The mechanic parts of these louvre windows can show play after many years of use along with the vibrations when riding and therefore they can’t be manipulated anymore. Another disadvantage is that due to play a nasty chattering noise can pop up. You’ll need 3 pairs of these hinges to replace all hinged window frames of a Westfalia side window. From now on BBT can deliver these hinges a pair from stock.

Sliding door handle

Bus 08/67-07/73
211 843 703H
Sliding door handle for early baywindow. Perfect fit. Seal can be ordered under ref. BBT # 0723-600.