Rear axle Gearbox Fixing sets, rubbers & supports

Transmission mount rear

OEM:211 599 431
Bus 08/71-07/79

In Stock
update sync 30/03/2023

We made a brand new tooling for this late rear Bay window bus transmission mount. Tired of poor quality and loose promises of existing suppliers we simply tooled up for our own. 

Ours has thread you can really use, the bolt can be easily turned by hand. Check with what you have currently it’s way different for sure. The thread for the mounting bolts inside seems to be a huge problem as our manufacturer had even to make a special new tool to achieve the by us required result. 

Rubber hardness is exactly as the NOS samples we started from. So finally something good useable…. Comes with two correct mounting bolts in 8.8 strength and two washers. Exactly what you need for perfect mounting.

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