Engine Fuel and intake Seal kits for stock carburettors

Carburetor rebuilt kit Solex/Brosol 32/34 PDSI, left

32/34 PDSI
Type 4

update sync 18/05/2022

One doesnÂ’t drive far with a classical car without proper fuel. This unit should always work perfectly. A very important item for a correct and smoothly functioning is the carburation. When after heavy duty leakage occurs, the fuel consumption will increase and even worse, fire might appear in the engine compartment. To rebuild the 32/34 PDSI carburetors applied on Type 4 1.7 - 2.0l engines, Type 2 since 08/71 - 07/79, Type 411/412 and Porsche 914 with 32-34 PDSIT-2/3 and the Solex / Brosol H 32/34 PDSI 2 BBT has now for you an adequate rebuilt kit available from stock. The rebuilt kit is delivered a piece for each side.

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