Engine Fuel and intake Seal kits for stock carburettors

Carburetor rebuilt kit Pierburg, 1 carburettor

Pierburg 2/E2/2E3, Type 25 1.9/2.1l

Not available
update sync 01/07/2022

A good functioning gasoline feed is essential for an optimal return and the carburetor is therefore an important part of it. Fuel leakage increases the gas consumption and can provoke an engine fire, whereas taking in leak air results in a bad combustion. Both defects are often caused from missing seals of the carburetor. We already had a wide range available, though we needed even a more complete assortment. From now on we can deliver a carburetor rebuild kit for 36 IFD Weber carburators, 48 IDF Weber carburators and Pierburg 2, E2 and 2E3 carburators. You need 1 set for 1 carburator.

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