Engine Fuel and intake Fuel pump

Fuel pump std., TQ, for engine with generator and 108 mm rod

OEM:113 127 025D

update sync 07/12/2019

The fuel pump is an important part for a proper functioning fuel supply. Heavy duty and a leaking fuel pump may lead to fire, whereas the fuel pump can get stuck after a long-term stop. BBT is always looking for high-quality solutions to replace damaged fuel pumps. # 1685-065 is a high-quality alternative for the existing # 1685-06, whereas # 1685-035 is a complement for 34 Din H.P. 1200cc engines defective fuel pumps. The fuel pump is delivered each from stock, 2 gasket kits are included for the bakelite assembly foot but without push rod. The push rod is available under ref. BBT # 1684.

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