Electric fuel pump for Injection

OEM:311 906 091D / 251 906 091 / 043 906 091
Beetle, Bus
Type 4

Inlet 12mm, outlet 8mm - Flow = 130 L/h - Pressure = 3bar - 10bar

update sync 05/02/2023

We present this electric fuel pump as an alternative for a broken item with Type 1, Type 2, Type 4 and Type 25, equipped with engine with fuel injection system. This system should always be under pressure to ensure a smoothly functioning of the fuel supply. This can be obtained by means of an electric fuel pump. This electric fuel pump can be used to replace fuel pumps under OE number 311 906 091D, 251 906 091 and 043 906 091. Technical specification are : 12 Volt, incoming connector 12mm, outgoing connector 8mm,pump delivery 130l/h, pressure reach 3-10 bar. Available each from stock.

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