Engine Oil circuit Sump gasket


OEM:068 103 601 AB
Bus 01/81-07/92 diesel/Turbo diesel

update sync 04/07/2022

For the T25/T3 Vanagon with diesel engines we now have a brand new oil sump. The oil sumps from the diesel models are not made from steel, which make them rather fragile. The reason why they’ve been made from a softer material is for a better cooling of course. Many times the oil sump is rather cracked in places or the drain plug gallery is completely worn out. Our new pans solve both of these problems! We strongly advise to tighten the oil drain plug to torque as the manual prescribes. This in order to maximize the life of your oil sump. Our oil sump is also needed when you decide to upgrade your T25/T3 vanagon to a later engine conversion out of another model from the Volkswagen range (like the very popular TDI versions) this because the engine in the back of the bus is mounted under a certain angle.

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