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Flywheel gear ring 130t - 12volt

OEM:311 105 271

update sync 30/09/2022

Easy to replace the broken, rotten or bad teeth on your flywheel to let your starter motor turn around your engine superbly.

On one of our trips we found (by strict coincidence) a factory that made ONLY flywheel rings for mainly lower production new full size trucks.

A simple question if they could make them for VW the old owner start laughing and dragged us to his tooling shelves, where he had the tooling’s still around from the day he produced still for nobody less than Volkswagen themselves!

We came to an agreement pretty fast and after a full inspection of the production circle (what was very impressive at least) we placed our first order.

Some samples have been carried home right away in our luggage and have been tested on hardness and strength with better as original test results.

The 109 teeth fit all flywheels from the 6 volt configuration including 25 and 30 DIN Hp (that’s 36SAE for our American friends) with the larger diameter starter motor. 130 teeth are used on later 6Volt engines (1967 and up) and all 12 volt starter engines. Always count your teeth before ordering.

Very easy to replace on a lath. Turn your old teeth down till 0.3mm less as the inner diameter of our flywheel gears.  Put your flywheel in the fridge and heathen up your flywheel gear in an oven or on a cooking plate. Slide the two together en let cool down. This is what they call an assembly with a pre-tension of 0.30mm what every machine shop should be able to perform. Otherwise ship your flywheel to BBT and we’ll do it for you.

Now you can make  early flywheels with 130 teeth to accept modern 12volt starters. But always check you use the right starter bushing.

This will be the end of overpriced flywheels for early cars. We have both models now ready on our shelves for immediate delivery.

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