Engine Lower block New engine cases

New engine cases

BBT has contributed to the development of a fully new case, made by a leading factory in CNC aluminium process in South-America. This factory builds and processes also among other things the housing of automatic transmissions for the American market (GM etc.). We have shared all our remarks and experience which we acquired during the last 15 years about the engines, with several other specialists from the whole world and the factory has manufactured thereof a case wich satisfies all the needs of this time, which will outlast the original and is much stronger, because motor tuning remains very popular. The first market feedback from the U.S.A. gives only positive reactions in order that there can by delivered in Europe.The first striking point is that the case is much heavier than the original. This is because a different alloy has been used. Much stronger aluminium used prevents the bearing seats to run out. Tests under extremely circumstances of the test-bench have proven that this indeed is no longer a problem! Further there is a better oil transit, stronger cast processes at points where the original cases tore and cracked etc. a lot of improvements where we are very proud off! All our new cases come with large oil channels!
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