Engine Lower block Connecting rods and parts(XView 5-02)

Connecting rods, new, Brazil

OEM:311 105 401B (x4)
13/1600cc 08/59-

update sync 25/05/2022

Our classic aircooled VW boxer engine has the reputation to be indestructible, however this doesn't mean that it doesn't ever need any revision. Parts such as engine case, crankshaft, cylinder heads, but also rods have to be revised once in a while. Wear and damage can be that serious, that parts must be replaced. We can deliver you since shortly the original VW rods from stock, so that the revision of your 13/1600cc engine block can be done properly. Rods are  sold per set of 4 for 1 engine and they are foreseen of the wrist pin bushings.

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