Engine Lower block Cilinder/ piston kit Type 4

Piston liner kit

model:T4/ 914 - 2000cc - Ø 94 mm

update sync 18/10/2019

For amateurs of Type 4 engines and especially those who love high performance Type 4 engines, we have from now on these 2000cc piston cylinder kit available. It is similar to the original version used on Type 4 2000cc engines like they used to be placed in Porsche 914. The flat top aluminum pistons admit a higher compression and accordingly it is possible to generate more power from the Type 4 engine. The cylinders are casted. Standard boring 94mm for a standard stroke 71mm. The set consists of 4 casted cylinders, 4 aluminum pistons, 1 set of piston rings, 4 wrist pins and clips.

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