Engine Lower block Cilinder/ piston kit Type 1, AA performance

Piston and cylinder kit, cast, upper 98,00 mm - lower 90,00 mm

Type 1 - 1679cc
Ø 88,00 mm - 69 mm

Not available
update sync 18/05/2022

This piston and cylinder kit of AA Performance is suitable to tune your 1600cc engine block to a cylinder capacity of 1679cc.  The side of engine case doesn?t need to be adapted, when it has a standard bore of 90 mm At the side of the cylinder head there should be a bore of 98 mm. The kit contains 4 cylinders, 4 pistons, 4 piston pens and 4 pairs of clips to secure the piston pens. From now on these kits are available from stock.

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