Engine Lower block Cilinder heads (XView 5-04)

Valve cover clip 25-30PK / Black

OEM:111 101 487

update sync 01/10/2022

Valve cover springs for the early type VW engines 25 and 30 DIN HP (that’s 36 HP SAE for our American friends using SAE norms). We teamed up with a very reliable spring factory in Belgium to make springs in a good quality, (read; equal or better than the NOS items, which we gave them as samples). This clip is made in spring steel! Simply a perfect fit, feel and smell, exactly like we want it! Stop oil leaks by worn or tired original and behave for cheap reproductions that will never give you satisfaction ,because they will always be leaking! As we choose for powder coat finish, the ends might go kind a though in the cylinder head holes at mounting, but once mounted they fit like original and do their job impeccable!

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