Engine Exhaust and accessories Vintage speed exhaust

Exhaust, Vintage Speed, single exhaust with pre-heat risers, Stainless steel, 25-30 hp

model:Type 1

update sync 25/09/2020

There are only limited possibilities to replace the original style exhaust on 25 and 36hp engines and this exhaust completes our offer. It is also an alternative for fans of 25 and 36hp engines. These exhausts from stainless steel with pre-heat riser are available in a version with 1 oval tail pipe and a model with 2 33mm tail pipes. They are foreseen with a M18 x 1.5 screw for assembly of a Lamda sensor. The exhausts are sold a piece, assembly set included.Related products#3280-060 Exhaust, Vintage Speed, double exhaust with pre-heat risers, Stainless steel, 25-30 hp

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