Under-carriage Gas tanks & conduct-pipes Connecting rubber fuel tank

Filler neck hose (18cm)

OEM:211 201 125
Bus 08/67-07/71

Tired of gas smell in your bus? Finally want to play safe? We bring you filler neck hoses, which are resisting all modern fuels like E5, E10 and E85 and all oils.
Don’t compare price only, but also quality and prevent your bus from fires.

update sync 28/05/2022

The distance between filler neck and fuel tank with Type 2 from model -07/71 is bridged by means of metallic parts and rubber hose. Due to influences of fuel and petrol vapors this rubber hose parts can get fragile, tear and leak. Leakage has to be avoided any way, as it has already caused fire in the engine compartment for several times in the past. From now on we can deliver this filler neck rubber hose, which connects to the fuel tank, each from stock.

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