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Transmission nose cone conversion kit 61- box into chassis

Beetle -09/52
Bus -07/59, 356 50-51

Not available
update sync 29/06/2022

This transmission nose cone admits the installation of a gear box of a later model year into your original chassis with Type 1 -0/52, Type 2 -07/59 & Porsche 356 50/51 model year. Thus it’s possible to replace the authentic gear box by a more recent type of gear box without complete synchronization. It will be more comfortable when switching the gears and you’ve the opportunity to install a later type of engine. Attention : the transmission to the rear wheels requires use of the correct transmission axes. The gear box conversion kit will be delivered each from stock together with assembly bolts but without gaskets. Gaskets can be ordered under ref. # 1415-100.

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