Reduction box housing plug, each

OEM:211 501 249
Bus 08/63-07/67

Not available
update sync 29/03/2023

The transmission of the driving mechanism on Type 2 has been equipped   since 1949 till 1967 with reduction boxes in order to generate a more powerful transmission and to create more space underneath the vehicle. There are 4 pinions and 8 bearings (at both sides) in the reduction boxes that are running in an oil bath. With regular maintenance and correct use these parts won?t easily get damaged, though when driving an lot of kilometers pinions and bearing can show some abrasion. On model from 08/63 you can only pull out the inner bearing underneath after first disconnecting the locking nut at the inside and removing the shaft out of the bearing. This nut is only accessible through the housing plug at the rear part of the reduction box and it is often damaged during disassembly. We also recommend to replace the locking nut that clamps the shaft against the bearing in order to assure a reliable and proper securing. From now on BBT can deliver the housing plug and the locking nut in a good quality each from stock.

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