Under-carriage Rear suspension and gearbox Transmission mount, Original model

Transmission mount bracket

OEM:211 599 231
Bus 08/67-07/71

update sync 03/10/2022

It all just started when we needed one of those and couldn’t find one! The market was dry, nobody seemed to care because they “hardly broke”….that’s pushing a wrong button on us, we searched high and low till we scored two NOS ones with their brackets and had them sent off to our gear mount manufacturer right away. You can see the result below, a perfect reproduction from the early Bay window (T2a) nose transmission mount and its proper bracket. Because we wanted it exactly like the original, we’ve made a study on the rubber composition of the original one. With those data we could make the rubber composition very very close to the original (actually slightly better because of technology) we’re very happy with the general outcome and can guarantee this as any other BBT produced product.

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