Under-carriage Rear suspension and gearbox Clutch and shift rod, Type 25 (XView 4-17)

Boots for gear linkage bushing rear, as pair

OEM:251 711 167F (x2)
model: Type 25 08/87-

update sync 04/08/2020

The shift part on Type 25 buses consists of a relatively complex unit of gear linkage, shift parts and boots, which should all be in good condition. On this condition only shifting gear can go smoothly and damage at the gear box will be prevented. #1409-560 is the boot that protects the rear gear linkage against dirt and humidity. #1409-600 is the gear shift joint on  the gearbox. It is manipulated through an elbow gate. Due to frequent use this joint can wear off and turn out to play. This play will immediately provoke bad shifting. Both parts are available each from stock.

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