Under-carriage Steering Steering boxes

Steering peg in steeringbox

OEM:211 415 223A
Bus 03/55-07/66

Not available
update sync 06/10/2022

The Type 2 Split bus steering box is known to be susceptible to play on the steering transmission, caused by internal use of the contact surfaces between worm wheel, located on the steering box and the steering peg located on the outgoing axe (pitman arm). The reason is often due to lack of lubrication of the steering box. The peg located on the pitman arm is a very vulnerable part for the transmission and therefore BBT has decided to add this item to our wide offer of parts. From now on excessive play on a Type 2 Bus steering box belongs to the past. The steering peg is available each from stock and fits on Type 2 03/55-07/66. The one for Type 2 08/66-07/72 is available under ref. # 1368-260. A leaking seal can be repaired using BBT item #1368-210.

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