Under-carriage Front suspension Spindle Bus 08/67- (XView 4-14)

Lowered spindles discbrakes, as pair

Bus 08/72-07/79

These spindles are an easy way to lower your T2B bus '08/72- without having to modify anything.
You can simply disassemble the original and replace it with this lowered version and get a lowering of 6cm.
The original suspension arms, steering rods and ball joints can remain in use, but we still advise to inspect the ball joints thoroughly and replace them when in doubt.
Also on the T2A and T2A/B -07/72, these can be fitted if you replace the brake caliper (BBT 1248-1 /1249-1), brake pads (BBT 1245) and brake disc (BBT 1275).
With these spindles it remains possible to use the original 14" wheels, but of course you can always go for bigger ones.
Please take into account that you can no longer mount the dust plates and that the track width increases by a total of 38mm, which means that the wheels come out about 2 cm further.
The spindles are delivered as a set from stock.

update sync 29/11/2022

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