Under-carriage Front suspension Spindle Bus -07/67 (XView 4-12)

King pin stop bolt, each, (max 25 Nm)

OEM:211 405 543
Bus -07/67

update sync 18/05/2022

The steering angle with Type 2 buses -07/67 is limited by 2 conical stop bolts, which are foreseen of a wire end. These conical stops are transmitted and assembled through this wire end and a locking nut across the king pin. When the maximum steering angle has been reached the pin touches the spindle nut and the turn movement is stopped. We know from experience that this part of the steering is very susceptible to corrosion and can seriously get stuck. Disassembly can cause damages and to produce this part again demands mechanical work. From now on BBT can deliver this stop bolt from own production each from stock.

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