Under-carriage Front suspension Front axle Bus 08/67- (XView 4-13)

Front axle bearing

OEM:211 401 301B
model: Bus 08/67-07/79

update sync 18/05/2022

The trailing arms on which the front spindle nuts are mounted, are shoved on the front axle and fixed with spring torsion leaves. In this way the trailing arms are kept on place and go to the outside of the front axle on needle bearings. These needle bearings are lubricated on their turn with grease that is guided through the front axle grease nipples into the stock front axle. These needle bearings can be damaged by heavy duty as well as by lack of regular lubrication. From now on we can deliver these needle bearings each from stock. You need 4 of them to renew the needle bearings on a complete front axle.

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