Under-carriage Brakes Master brake cylinder and parts

Brake line reservoir to master cylinder (servo) 60cm

OEM:211 611 805G
Bus 08/72-

update sync 18/05/2022

After long research and looking for a correct supplier, we finished these new brake lines in all correctness! These brake lines guide the brake fluid meticulously between your brake fluid reservoir and the master cylinder from your Bay window bus. Very often they suffered from heat and weather elements or just went old and cracky and so are no longer trustworthy and reliable, what they really should be. We give you here the possibility to replace them by a correct replacement part. Our brake lines are made to resist brake fluid. This is NOT your ordinary garden hose!! Looks, feels and smells like original! As always we predict that brake systems are the most important thing to sort out on classic cars. It really matters. If your engine dies that’s one thing, but if your brakes fail, you can get in a lot of trouble! Prevent your brake system from failing. It starts with a good and thorough inspection at least once a year. If you have doubts about certain parts, don’t hesitate but replace them at once. This can cost lives, maybe not yours but others too! Brakes are no “play zone”! Three models to choose from….

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