Under-carriage Brakes Brake shoes

Brake shoe set, 230 x 30, 4 pieces

OEM:113 609 237A
Beetle, Karmann Ghia 01/54-10/57

update sync 16/08/2022

For many years we’ve been able to help the owners of oval beetles, when they were looking after brake shoes for their oval bugs. A nice solution was to cover them again. Only the metallic parts of the brake shoes had to be in a good state. Though more and more we are confronted with fans who still have the metallic parts, but they are in such a bad condition that they can’t be no longer recovered. It’s easy to guess the result. Our stock of second-hand alternatives was quickly exhausted, so we are very pleased that our purchase team came forward with this good alternative. These brake shoes are sold in a set containing 4 pieces, for 1 axle from stock.

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