Electrical section Switches and apparatuses Ignition switch

Starter button, ivory

OEM:113 911 509
Beetle -10/52
Bus -12/52

update sync 03/07/2022

Push the button and the engine will start (if your ignition is on that is!) People, who are not familiar with split window beetles, definitely need an explanation how to start... although I like this kind of system. By the way most new cars with a keyless option have a starter button as well. Was VW so far ahead in time back then? ???? But... old starter buttons have been made out of a very weak type of plastic/bakelite and mainly didn't survive the test of times very well. Ah! Here we offer the perfect solution, perfect fit, perfect functioning! Replace that old worn out unit with BBT new starter button, and push happily to start that happily purring engine of yours!

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