Electrical section Lights and glasses Tail lights Bus

Taillight assembly, each

OEM:211 945 117 + 211 945 185A x2 + 211 945 245 + 211 945 237B
model: Bus 04/58-08/61 (ch 351 736 - 802 986)

update sync 22/10/2019

It’s essential to have properly working lights in the actual traffic. Often we encounter classic cars with inadequate lights. Generally it’s due to damaged lenses or a dull reflecting zone of the taillights. The luminous efficiency will be reduced severely. Until today we only had limited alternatives for Type 2 buses from 04/58-08/61 under the form of second-hand or NOS parts, though we have now a nice solution .with this good reproduction This taillight is delivered completely with housing foreseen of double light connection, seal, lens and chrome ring. The bulb itself is not included. The taillight is delivered each from stock.

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