Electrical section Lights and glasses Tail lights Beetle

Taillight housing right, each

OEM:111 945 216
model: Beetle 08/55-07/61

update sync 22/10/2019

In the current traffic good functioning lights are essential. It's a concern for many owners of Type 1 08/55-08/61 beetles and at meetings we often see bugs driving with bad taillights. In many cases the lens is no longer transparent or the reflector is blistering off. Upon disassembly of the taillight, other parts may get damaged too. Our supply of second-hand parts has to such an extent diminished, that we have looked for good new substitute parts. From now on we can deliver following items from stock: # 0626-510 taillight lens and reflector in 1 unit available for each taillight, # 0626-520 spring clip (each),# 0626-530 Chrome ring for taillight, available each, # 0626-540 taillight housing left. # 0627-540 taillight housing right.

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