Front seat release knob
1 seat

OEM:113 881 633C/D
Beetle 12/66-07/72
Karmann Ghia 08/67-01/72
Bus 08/67-12/69 M13

In Stock
update sync 04/06/2023

The seat release knob and  guide, that we have taken now in our range are indispensable parts which enable the release and pulling forward of the seat. In this way only it's possible for passengers to take a seat at the back of the vehicle. The knob and the guide can be found on Type 1 and Karmann Ghia at the outside of the back of the front seat, whereas it is also used on Type 2 buses 08/67-12/69 to release the 2nd row of the seat back (option code M13 / 8 places). This button is often hardened and torn, as a result of which it doesn't stay in place or gets lost. From now on button and guide are available each from stock.

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