Interior Headliner clothing and sunvisors Jailbars

Jailbar kit

Bus 08/67-07/79

Kit includes all jailbars, 4 end pieces, 4 end pieces 45° left, 4 end pieces 45° right,1 centre piece rear jailbar, 27 screws.

update sync 04/10/2022

The so-called 'Jail-bar' kits were available as an accessory from Volkswagen and standard on all Deluxe buses. They protect the side and rear windows of your van from luggage sliding around on the parcel tray just above your engine.

As a useful and cool 50's, 60's, 70’s and 80’s accessory they are really sought after.  Really typical and period correct to dress up your T1, T2 or T3 van, complete it or make it original.

Different from the cheaper reproductions, the BBT 'jail-bar' kits are manufactured from high quality brackets and aluminium tubes, just like Volkswagen used to have.

All BBT jail-bar parts are pressure pressed aluminium, in popular terms this is called forged, exactly as Volkswagen used to make them (themselves). Forged metal is many times stronger than the cheaper cast reproduction parts. Our jail-bar mounting brackets are 100% made in Germany.

BBT supplies jail-bar kits for all models of classic Volkswagen vans, T1, T2 but also for T25, T3 or Vanagon. All kits are delivered including mounting material. Drilling some holes for the mounting brackets is necessary but simple.

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