Interior Door finish and emergency brake Vent window

Vent window assembly left (SWT)

Bus 08/67-07/79

Silver Weld Through (SWT)

update sync 19/08/2022

The market has been screaming for years after good vent wings,.Whereas used items in good condition have  raised to stratospheric levels, what an entire bus costed a mere 15 years ago. Vent wings are victims of the rust devil and since many years we’re aware that  the market is ready for a serious replacement part. Therefore BBT stepped up and started producing a complete new assembly and a perfect replacement part, no substitutes with aluminum and such, but the real deal, a vent wing exactly like original, but new…. Brand new and exactly like original, the real deal. Did we know how many separate parts  are involved to produce these vents wings ? It's almost incredible for a part that looks so easy…. But actually it is a very complicated part to make and to assemble. Besides all different components to produce it needs 24! riveting jobs (exactly like original) it needs 110 minutes assembly time in total for each frame, and the outer frame needs no less than 2 different laser operations. All in all very complicated and very intensive to produce. Our manufacturer did a great job and we’re very proud of the results! After four years of development, the final product is awesome! A perfect vent wing as was meant to be, and 100% like original! Our ideas give new dimensions to our humble VW bus world! Let the air flow, let the wind blow, open these new vent wings and enjoy the fresh air in your bus!

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