Interior Door finish and emergency brake Door and quarter panels

Roof panels, double cab, grey, as pair

OEM:265 867 515 + 265 867 516
Bus 11/58-07/67

update sync 10/08/2022

The authentic trim panels for pick-up and combi split buses is made from grey hardboard, which gets easily damaged and is hardly resistant to moisture. In practice we see many Splitbuses with deformed trim panels that don’t sit on their place anymore. Therefore we receive frequently demands for this door panels, though we were looking for a more sustainable product. We’ve found the solution under the form of this PVC trim panel that is in the matter of color as well as structure very similar to the original model. The principal difference is the sustainability and strength of these panels. They are better resistant to damages and cannot deform due to influences of humidity. We can deliver from stock the door panels, the kick panels as well as the roof panels for the driver’s cabin; suitable for Type 1 buses single cab, double cab and combi.

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