Hardware Studs Allen key thread piece

Allen key thread piece M6 x 20 Din 913

OEM:N 014 542 1

This stud is used, among other things, to secure the oil sump plate on the type 1 engine.Often the thread at the end of these studs is damaged by over-tightening of the nuts and the best solution is to replace them with new ones. Thanks to the Allen key, this stud is very easy to install, but we recommend using a thread sealant to ensure that it does not come out of the crankcase when unscrewing the nuts.
For 25-30 HP, 6 are used, for the later type 1 engines you’ll need 5 + 1 longer one (BBT 8721-06-035).
The latter is longer because it also secures the oil suction tube in the crankcase.

update sync 04/07/2022

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