Radiator antifreeze 1.5l

OEM:G 011 ABC A1

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update sync 07/06/2023

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For many among us, fans of the classic VW, it is still an inexplicable riddle why VW has decided at a certain moment to switch over to water cooled engines... What's more the cooling water has the nasty characteristic to freeze in the winter. This can damage the radiator, water tubes and water pump, which causes in  general awkward costs. For prevention you can add antifreeze cooling oil to the cooling water. Available in barrels of 1,5L, which you need to dilute. 1 on 1 part water gives 3L of cooling liquid with a protection till -36°C / 2 on 3 parts water gives 7,5L cooling liquid with a protection till -24°C and 3 on 2 parts of water results in 7,5L cooling liquid with a protection till -52°C.

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