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Gearbox oil Castrol Universal 75W/90 (1L)

Castrol Syntrax EP 80W-90, 1l

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update sync 24/06/2022

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Maintenance services are is indispensable to drive safely. A regular maintenance consists as a rule in engine oil change, ignition point adjustment, inspection of wipers etc… but also checking the gearbox oil are a part of the list. You won’t get far with a dry gear box, so regular control and refill are necessary. You can lose a lot of gearbox oil when you replace broken axle boots, leaking rear wheel gearbox oil seals and with Type 2 -07/67, repair near the rear axle reduction boxes. VW prescribes that gearbox oil should be replaced after 12.000 km (1958) and with more recent models after each 50.000 km. You need 2,5 till 3,5 liter for a complete gearbox oil change, depending on the Type.

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