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Retaining clip for U-form window channel, each

OEM:111 837 361 , 311 837 361

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update sync 12/08/2022

After receiving a lot of feedback from customers and a couple of hours of research and testing we see there is some misunderstanding about these clips, especially the current production. The mounting is fairly simple and you don’t break a single clip if you just take notice of this little step when mounting these clips.

Let’s start to tell you the kind of metal used is exactly the same as VW original used. We tested and analyzed several original used and NOS clips to determine the correct sort of metal and hardness. 

The only problem is simply the little curl is not high enough.... (see last picture) our current clips on the left against an original on the right, what makes the end of the curl don’t go over the edge of the mounting hole, but sits against the edge of the mounting hole.

If you place the clips in the right spot push the lip up with a pin or small screwdriver. A couple of mm is more than enough. Now push the clip forward so the lip slides over the edge.  Man will see it mounts exactly like it should and slide nicely in its place. Ready for years of holding your window channel….

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