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Kit Clips & rivets 5-lug wheel (5 pcs)

OEM:111601131 (x5) + N0134071 (x5)
Beetle -07/65
Karmann Ghia -07/65
Bus -07/71
Type 181 -07/69
Type 3 -07/65

In order to mount a hubcap on a 5 lug steel rim, you need these spring clips and rivets.
Often these are missing or one or more are broken, so that your hubcap does not clamp properly and you can lose it.
The clips and rivets are made of untreated spring steel, so you can best paint them to prevent rusting. Comes in a set of 5 pieces, enough for 1 rim.
In order to mount them correctly, we have a special tool BBT 1151 in our range.

update sync 12/08/2022

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