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Seal glass to ventframe - TQ (1)

Bus 12/52-07/67

update sync 09/08/2022

Pre molded rubber between glass and frame from your split window bus vent wing assembly. We’re very excited about this small rubber. Why? Because we’ve spent so much time in the past over and over again try to make something universal fit, it took literally hours each restoration again and gave moderate results! This rubber brings an end to that! Take out the glass of your vent wing (or quarter light window whatever you call it), paint the frame, make sure connection hinges and supports are all ok, put in this rubber and put the glass back in, simple as that… no more pressing etc. to do…. Can you imagine how much easier it is to change the vent wing lock now??? Our 7413-000 comes ready to fit in correct dimensions, in the right thickness and well thought about each detail of this small but oh so necessary rubber…so no reason anymore to replace by any repair or restoration…

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