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Hinges tailgate (pair) (not bracket) (SWT)

OEM:361 827 301/302 + 361 827 361
model: Bus 08/63-07/67, Type 3 variant -07/71

Silver Weld Through (SWT)

Not available
update sync 12/08/2022

‚Äč1. Hinge on hatch (bend) with the bolt holes = vw 361 827 301/302.

   Is for Type Bus -07/67 and Type3 variant up to 07/71.
   For Bus after 08/67 this becomes a thick solid hinge with no slotted holes, vw 361 829 301/302.
   Here the arc is also much larger.

2. Hinge joint (for torsion springs) = vw 361 827 361

  For Bus 08/63-07/71 and Type3 variant.

3. Hinge holder on roof.
   = No separate VW number, belongs to the rear rafter.
   But by comparison this is Bus 08/63-07/79.

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