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Engine lid support with spring + side compartment pick-up

OEM:261 827 361 + 211 827 375
model: Bus 03/55-12/63

update sync 03/03/2021

This support can be found on the top at the right side of the engine lid on Type 2 buses from model year 1955 till 12/63, the moment that this engine lid support was replaced by a spring model (BBT # 0438-272).When the original engine lid supports have been used for many years they get too much play and won't do their job anymore and the engine lid will no longer be  properly locked. It provokes a lot of annoyance when the engine lid can't be held open for repair or maintenance. From now on these supports +  spring are available from stock under ref. # 0438-271, the spring can be obtained separately under ref. # 0438-271-5.

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