Exterior Windows and accessories One piece window and accessories

One piece window and accessories

A real must for Cal Look appearance. Eliminate the vent wings to have the real Cal Look. Each kit includes 2 precision cut windows and all required rubbers. Easy mounting. Beetles -07/64 and Type 3 require other window regulators than Beetles 08/64-07/67. Even for Beetles 08/67- it is recommended to install a regulator with 2 conducting wires. This avoids the turn over of the window into the frame. You can find the regulators under itemnumber: 0363-0364-0365 and 0366. All our kits are sold with universal window scrapers. The Snap-in is made out of soft flexible rubber, sold with all mounting accessories. The Clip-in is stronger with felt in the center. The clip is attached straight in the rubber. The Clip-in kit consists of 4 window scrapers.
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