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Westfalia louvre window brackets, as pair

Bus -07/67

update sync 28/06/2022

You can spot a nice accessory on some Type 2 -07/67 Westfalia buses such as the SO42 version, being the so-called Westfalia windows or louvres. These louvre windows can be opened in such manner in different positions so that rain can’t penetrate inside the bus. The windows are assembled by means of seals into the aluminum frame and can be controlled from the inside through a hinged mechanism. The mechanic parts of these louvre windows can show play after many years of use along with the vibrations when riding and therefore they can’t be manipulated anymore. Another disadvantage is that due to play a nasty chattering noise can pop up. You’ll need 3 pairs of these hinges to replace all hinged window frames of a Westfalia side window. From now on BBT can deliver these hinges a pair from stock.

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