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Engine lid

OEM:211 827 025B
model: Bus 08/58-08/65

Not available
update sync 14/08/2020

This solid reproduction engine lid can provide a solution for the replacement of many Type 2 08/58-08/65 engine lids, that have sustained irreparable damage by accident or rust. They have a nice finish/fit and a good the price/quality ratio, taking into account with the fact that repair of a damaged engine lid costs a lot of money. The assembly clip for the hinge is included separately and can be installed depending on the type year. With model 05/58-1963 (ch 351 736 - 1 222 025) it comes 115mm from the upper side. With 1963 - 08/65 (ch. 1 222 026 - 216 000 001) it comes 65mm measured from the upper side. BBT has them available each from stock.

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