Exterior Body parts Bodywork Type 25 (XView 1-35)

Upper front panel, RHD

OEM:252 805 035
Bus 05/79-07/92

update sync 03/10/2022

The latest generation of VW buses with engine in the back gets nowadays a surplus value as classical car and you encounter them frequently on meetings. Due to the increasing popularity these buses are more and more restored and put back into the traffic. The body joints are a weakness of this generation VW buses. These joints are welded and kitted to another during production, but due to age joints get hardened and will torn. Moisture will penetrate through cracks and will cause corrosion between the edges. ThatÂ’s one of the reasons why we receive frequent demands after plating to repair damaged panels and from now on BBT has these panels for sale to repair the front side . Available each from stock for LHD as wells RHD buses.

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